Gu Yi Lin smiled。
Lu Haozheng,Take the phone from the ear,Looked a mobile phone,Gu Yi Lin’s original is thinking。
But it seems that he is a blue-blue second brother.,He forgot this.。
He put the phone on the ear.,“Row,See you is on the blueprous brother,I am reluctant to call you two brothers.。”
Lu Hao Cheng,I am a small buddy.。”
Gu Yi Lin is not yet。
Lu Hao Cheng:“I am used to the name of your name.,We are so familiar,You still care about this?”
Gu Yi Lin smiled:“This is not a mature problem,But we are a family.,This vend can not be chaotic。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”Doesn’t he stay with yourself??
“Row,I don’t care with you.,Bye。”
Lu Haocheng is going to hang up。
“Ah Cheng,and many more,Is your father better??
Gu Anan said,Your father is hurting。”
Lu Haocheng smiled coldly,“She was also present at the time.,My dad will wake up for a while.,You tell her this way。”
Gu Yi Lin Road:“The land is like a message of your father.,Your father’s hospital,Didn’t tell her??”
Lu Haocheng:“Memorize,this matter,I know what to do.?
you do not need to worry,My father will get better.。”
In order not to let Qin Ning find which hospital is in Dad,He and his sister have never been going to see Dad.。
Always doing the doctor team care。
Gu Yi Lin Road:“I see,Recently Lu Yi Group is still quiet,You must be careful。”
“Um!I know。”
Lu Haocheng hangs after the phone,continue working。
Lu Group!Jiang’an is holding a stack of information in hands,Surprise is universal in the office of Qinning。
“Boast”Qin Ning and Lu Haokai are also waiting for Jiang’an news.。
Lu Haokai is excited:“Come in。”
Jiang Anzhen pushed the door,A confident radiance,Looking at Lu Haokai and Qin Ning smiled:“Continental,lady,Lu Group’s information,I have already got it.。”
Qin Ning’s eye is a surprise。
Lu Haokai is excited,Prove that you have not looking for a wrong person。
Qin Ning took the information in his hand,Greatly looked at an eye,“Ha ha”She suddenly laughed up,That red lips rose a smile:“This little wolf,only11Shares,Dare to fight ,It’s just looking for death.。”