the reason is simple,The previous three competing places,Ranking first and second are almost all confirmed General Hui Lei and Chaos Chaos Immortal.,The two of them are extremely strong and far surpass the others。
And the hidden world god、Sword Cang World God and Yuanhe Chaos Immortal are close in strength,Are expected to compete for the third place。
But this Ming Taoist appeared,Their strength is completely hopeless。
of course,If they knew Li Ming’s true strength,Will only be more desperate!
Trial Tower,Li Ming is still on the move。
Around the 260th floor,He also exploded almost all his strength。
The Array of Two Instruments is fully deployed,Affect the Taoist puppets close to Li Ming。
Simultaneously incarnate three heads and six arms,Holding an eternal gun,The best spear of the gods of the two ways,As if three mixed holes are formed around,But the effect of swallowing。
“Boom boom boom!”
A puppet at the threshold level,Going alone can’t have any impact on Li Ming。
But after the 260th floor,Hundreds of puppets join forces every time they make a move,Forming a battle with each other。
“Deal with the siege,I’m afraid it’s better to use mystery!”Li Ming has to admit,My second soul clone is over there,It will be stronger if you use the secret technique—at least,It will be easier to deal with these puppets。
Three spears cooperate with each other,Three mixed holes bombarded the puppet,Although unable to break the defense,Even the strength is reduced by 80 to 90%,But let these puppets move slowly。