"I didn’t expect that I can be selected! Thank you very much for the recognition of me and my discipline – ‘fungal’."

‘Fungi’ is not a lot of people know, get the public, you can make our discipline better develop.

"In 2021" Most Beautiful Science and Technology Workers ", there is a name of Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, a name of Zhuang Wenying, a research staff of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In the vast field of" fungal ", she poured 48 years of light, and Xingying, The road to advancement of my country’s fungal studies was illuminated with their own actions. In 1948, Zhuang Wenying was born in Beijing. She almost growing with the Republic.

In 1973, she entered the Shanxi Agricultural College (now Shanxi Agricultural University), and she opened her door to cognition the world’s world, and she was going to learn, and he did nothing. In 1978, she took the first Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing) Africarian Majors (Beijing), and put into her love of fungalism.

In 1983, as a visit scholar, Zhuang Wen Ying went to the University of Cornell to exchange learning.

After returning to China, she quickly put into a comprehensive study of the resources, classification, DNA barcode, molecular systemology of the subtilium.

  Learning into her biggest pleasure, anything that is not related to learning is a waste of life, whether it is in the United States, or working in China, she compresses the rest time to a very demanding point, will be more Multi-time and energy for scientific research.

She said: "I have to chase the lost 10 years.

"Engage in fungalology for 48 years, step by step, in an orderly manner, Zhuang Wen Ying leads the team to gradually take the international frontier of the field of fungalology.

Under her efforts of her and team, my country has a wide range of potential of Pecusa fungi resources, found and screening a strain with prospects. Zhuang Wen Ying has always adopted the serious scientific spirit, not blindly from authority, not superstitious dogma, wind and rain, iron shoes, and strive to find out the home of my country’s fungi resources. She led the team to conduct wild inspections in 26 provinces in my country, and studied a lot of materials in 39 countries and regions, found 1 new department, 13 new, more than 360 new, clarified a lot of classification and naming problems; independently completed 3 The world’s social specialization studies have been universally adopted by international peers, and the number of species of some of the species in my country is doubled. In addition to strict requirements, Zhuang Wen Ying also strictly requires young researchers and students, she loves them.

She said: "Drilling in practice, not afraid of suffering hardship, daring to smash the strange field in the study, will receive some unexpected gains." Zhuang Wenying’s rigorous truth-seeking, low-key modest attitude infected a young researcher and student. In view of her recognized academic contributions at home and abroad, scholars named the fungi new believing of fungi in her name – Wen Ying Pika and bacteria neutral – Haizhuang Wenyei bacteria. She was elected to the International Fungus Society and was the first China National Executive Committee since the establishment of the organization, and the first Chinese eleset of the electoral honor of the American Fungus Society.

  More than seventy years, Zhuang Wenying is still actively committed to improving the scientific quality of the whole people, and strives to work with the scientific popularization.

As the third edition of the "China Encyclopedia", she organized and participated in the writing of the eukaryotic microbiological entry; she stepped into the primary and secondary school classroom and in the Capital Science Lecture Hall, the Ministry of Cadres and the Ministry of Cadres and other public platforms Tippers, video courses to watch more than 3.35 million.

  "The most beautiful technology worker" judge said: "Retrospecting Zhuang Wen Ying’s scientific research work, selfless dedication is the most dazzling quality in her body, is an important spiritual force that supports her scientific achievements. The lofty academic reputation she won, From her noble personality style.

She is rigorous, indifferent, fame and fortune, virtual valley, carrying up school, promotes the development of China and the world’s fungi discipline, leading China’s fungalology to the world’s advanced level.