“If you can encounter a call‘Venue’Woman,I must tell me for me.,tell her……I really love her。I dare to do everything.,But I don’t dare to pay against her.……Say this……”
Ancient Santong said,Have a long time。
“Master……Master?”It is not called two sounds.,I’m trying to touch the test,I found that the ancient three links really have no breath.。
“The ancient seniors have already went,Here, I will also pour the lake water.,We are simply buried ancient elders,After you come in, you will go out.。”Chu Deeng reminded。
At this time, the water in the cave has risen to the ankle.,And there is a more rising spring。
“it is good!This is destroyed here,That God has certainly don’t know that Master is dead.,Scared and scared him!”It is very happy to be very happy.。
Although it is not, I have never seen God Hou.,But because of the reason for the ancient tee,Hou Hou already has the hostility。
“Ancient past generation,椁 椁 椁,Can only prevent fish shrimp,You are old forgived.!”Chu Deirers said,Before using your hands, the wood sword,Put the stone bed out of a hollow cavity,Sliced a piece as a cover。
“good job,The heroes are the first in the world.!”It is the right and wrong, and I took a shot of the deer.。
“what?”It is necessary to make an ancient three links,Suddenly issued a doubt。
“what happened?”Chu Deiren was shocked。
“Master……so hard!”
Chapter 253 Chaos
“sharp、sharp!The heroes, there is a martial arts!”Become is not all the way to follow Chu Deirers,Kill it from Tianzhu。
Become this channel,Seems to be collapsed,Almost no guard,Not connected to other cells,Just when you come out,There are a few people who are dressed as the East Factory in patrolling,They are easily solved by the Chu Deirens.。
And these are not like the configuration of the seven-eight levels of the day.,I don’t know where to turn around.,Finally, from a sideline of the palace。
“All right,Your Master is really powerful。”Chu Deirers think of just“bury”Ancient three-way,I found that others are dead.,However, the corpse is still a solid steel。
Even the Chu Deirers I wish,Huang Yiwu“Broken King Kong”……
Unfortunately, just a lonely,Chu Deirers don’t think so。
“I am the eighty eight hundred eight eight eight eight eight eight eight eight eight eight eight eight.,Heroes you??”It is right wrong with the Chu Deiren asked。
Although he is now getting the forty years of the ancient three-way,Can also be a master——After all, it is ancient three-way“Forty years”,But the first twenty years is a small confusion,for“You are a master”Haven’t I real,There are still some embarrasses.。
“Chu Deman。”
Chu Deiren directly reported a big name,After all, it is not a martial art.,Or can only be an edge of the edge——Read the chivalrous list to 楼 楼 免费 版。
If it is“Jianghu all the way”,I am afraid that he can’t hear it.!
“Ah, ah.!I know、I know,Tianzhu 36,Take the temple in Luoyang to play the mountains!”Become,I also saw the Chu Deirenk。
pity,Chu Deirens did not bring their own iconic props……
It can also understand,After all, people go to the sky.,Of course, I want to put it.——瞧 这 楚 楚,Who can think of this is Chu Tai??
Chu Deirers and become unrequited from exports,Just is the time when it is the month.,and……Surrounded by chaos!
“Here is the palace?”Chu Deiren looked at the surrounding layout,Still ask more。
“Be right……I can’t think of the royal palace.,Click one’s tongue。”Become a large escort,I have noise to catch the assassin.,Very a smoking。
Nothing to Song Ting him,Simpi“Qiu Fu”Yet——Ordinary small mix,Seeing the emperor of the high high,This idea is normal.。
Chu Deirers are unfortunately——The bastard is a good day to ask the day!
If this time there is no chaos in the palace,Chu Deirers want to go out and simple,But then a mess,Although it is not easy to find,But it is necessary to high to be too conspicuous.。
I am just flat, I’m going to take a magic teacher.,Never want to be discovered,What is the strange crime in the pot,So the Chu Deirers are also very low-key。
“You look at the body part of your body,Tope me,Let’s take a small place to people.!”Chu Deirers said。
Maybe it is strong、Alever, what is the ancient three link?,As ancient three-way,It is a genuine martial arts,Meridaration and the body of the Chu Deirers……