Guan Tingna smiled and said:“Who?Who did he introduce?”
“Wang Youcai!Which one of us in Xiping Village。I seem to have told you about our affairs。He actually introduced Mr. Hu’s Feng Yan to work in our group。You say funny is not funny”
Xia Jian said,A little helplessly shook his head。
Guan Tingna smiled and said:“interesting。But Feng Yan, I know,Too smart。Once happened to Hu Huiru,So it’s out of favor。Of course,Her work ability is pretty good。Use such a person,Really a double-edged sword,Good results after good use,Bad use will hurt our group”
“I also declined casually,I think she listened to my words,I won’t come to us for the time being。All right,Don’t talk about it,We should get off work”
Xia Jian was about to turn off the lights。Guan Tingna thought for a moment,But she didn’t speak,But turned and walked out of Xia Jian’s office。
The two walked out of Donglin Building together,The lights are already bright outside。The sound of music on Donglin Square is extremely loud,The people who came out to hang out followed one by one,Looks very lively。
“Hey!See if you want to go home?if so,Let’s go our own way”
Guan Tingna suddenly stopped,Ask Xia Jiandao in a low voice。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“Ma Yan’s month is getting bigger,I have to go back to see her often”
“Don’t you just have a baby??You don’t need to be so nervous!Relax,Just wait to be your father then”
Guan Tingna smiled and said,Very relaxed。
Xia Jian glanced at Guan Tingna secretly and said:“Ma Yanhuai is triplets,Psychological pressure,Physical stress is also great。Did you see her,Her friends can’t even put on shoes now,Looking at the blame makes my heartache”
“what?You said Ma Yan was carrying twins?You couple may do it。Damn!I dare not think about it,You said you gave birth to three children at once,Then your family needs two more babysitters!How else can I bring it here?”
Guan Tingna listened,Eyes widened in surprise。