Sigh,Li Tianchou looked at his watch,It’s six o’clock in the evening。This is a digital watch,It was the first time he received his salary and bought it for 25 yuan,Also toSZThe only thing he has bought for himself since。
The police are also very strange,It took so hard to get myself in,No one cares no one asks,Li Tianchou felt incredible。While thinking,Someone opened the small window door of the detention room,Stuffed into two plastic foam boxes,Said something:“time for dinner。”Close the window and leave after speaking,Not messy at all。
“Hey,Hey。Wait……”Li Tianchou slapped the window and wanted to ask about the situation,Can hear the footsteps go away,That person just ignored him。Nima’s,What’s up?Li Tianchou cursed。I found my stomach was indeed a little hungry,No longer think about it,Open the box,Food is not bad,A box of rice,A box of dishes,And chicken legs。
Gobbled up the meal,Li Tianchou wipes his mouth,With a little satisfaction,People’s mood immediately improved a lot。Being in a prison, he quickly adjusted his mentality,Already here,Ze An。Old Xiao said,The situation is not as bad as expected,Since I have a clear conscience,Afraid of him。
He really can’t see Xiao Yadong, the big brother,Dislike from the first meeting,To comrades in arms,Then he sent himself to the cell by himself,Everything is like being in a movie。But Li Tianchou doesn’t hate him at all,On the contrary, there is a trust in him deep in my heart that I do not want to admit。
Wang Juan and Cui Minmin just returned from the hospital to the dormitory of the property company,In a good mood。The doctor told them,Daqi recovered better than expected,Develop like this,Can be discharged in less than half a month。The security manager and team leader also stated yesterday that they would reward Daqi,After discharge,As long as he is willing,Can still stay in the company。
Auntie and sister-in-law have discussed not going back to their hometown for now,Stay to take care of Daqi,On the other hand also want to staySZPart-time job。Discuss life in the city with Daqi,Although it’s harder,Always better than living in two places。
It’s a question of Choi Minmin’s stay,She herself is a hundred unwilling to go back。After graduating from high school,I spent half a year at home with my parents,Very boring。The most troublesome thing for her is that her father is eager to give her a blind date.,She can’t hide,This is why she has to follow her sister-in-law to see her brother。I can’t convince Sister-in-law right now,Wang Juan didn’t insist,Xunsi wait until Daqi is discharged from the hospital.。
The next day is Lunar New Year’s Eve,Wang Juan thought about making more dumplings and inviting Li Tianchou to spend a year together,After all, they helped Daqi so much,Can’t fail to show。And Li Tianchou is also the two auntsSZThe only person in the city who can talk a few words。
I didn’t find Li Tianchou in the dormitory,I didn’t find it in the community either.。The aunts and sisters thought that Li Tianchou might be out,I have to talk about it the next day。In the corridor of the dormitory,I happened to run into two security guards who had just changed guards walking in front and chatting。
“Oh shit,Finish dinner in a while,Have to continue to work,I won’t go online with you。grass,Let people live。”A security guard complained。
“Why are you on duty again,Isn’t Tianchou taking over at night??”Another security guard wondered。
“He is not there,Temporarily notified by the captain。Listen to three children,He saw it in the afternoon,A bunch of people came and Tian Chou went out talking and laughing,Still driving。You said Tianchou is not an ordinary person, right,The newspaper said he was a city hero,Awesome,I didn’t expect this guy to have friends on the road。grass,Why did you say he came to work as a security guard??”