Xiao Song has a meal,Then cursed,“bored,Dead shemale。”Flew into the house,Shut the door with a bang。
Li Tianchou discovered that the window paper on the door of the room had been opened.,It seems that these two heartless guys should be peeping on them,Accidentally made a noise。He looked at the windows of other rooms uneasy,Suddenly it feels like there are many eyes looking at me,Extremely uncomfortable。
After breakfast the next day,Zhu Lei、Fu De and Wen Hui went out and continued to run the restaurant to reopen,The rest of the people stay in the yard。Li Tianchou for safety,Then let Broad Bean and Zhang Wen go out and walk around for safety。
Everyone brags,Occasionally tease Xiao Xiao Fu,Happily,I can easily pass the time in the morning。But Li Tianchou can obviously feel everyone’s boredom and depression,People really can’t be idle,Otherwise it will hold back things,I really can’t drag the restaurant here,He remembered what Wu Fang said yesterday,Cut the mess。
Noon,Zhu Lei called,The joy and excitement cannot be concealed in the tone,“Headed,Get it done,The restaurant can reopen。”
“Great!”Li Tianchou was very happy,I just made trouble for this,I didn’t expect the boat to go straight to the bridge head,Lao Fu and Zhu Lei’s efforts are indispensable。
“Just a bit weird,The big guy from yesterday came to our restaurant,Said it came to report,Also said the restaurant will open today,Crazy talk。Lao Fu and I have nothing to do with him,It’s not open anyway,Where does he like to sit。It’s not an hour yet,The Trade and Industry Bureau came to return the license to us,You say evil?”Zhu Lei will say it briefly。
Ok?Li Tianchou suddenly froze,Really evil,The first thing Wu Fang said yesterday,Today is really fulfilled。Coincidence??Obviously unlikely,It seems that this guy is not easy。It’s just a fait accompli,Li Tianchou’s boss is not happy,If not in broad daylight,He really wants to visit the restaurant in person。
“Headed,Are you listening?”Zhu Lei sees no answer,Shouted at the microphone。
“Listening。such,You guys don’t pay attention to him,As long as it doesn’t make trouble,Let him。”Li Tianchou thought for a while,Have to be so,Even if Wu Fang is a dog skin plaster, it does not hinder major events.。
“This is easy。and also,Tell everyone to come over,Clean up the entire restaurant,I want to open tomorrow morning。”Zhu Lei’s advice。