Sun disease Daqinglong soup

Fang name: Daqinglong Decoction (Published) Abstract: Wind and cold two solutions Composition: Ephedra, Guizhi, Almond, Licorice, Gypsum, Ginger, Jujube Indications: 1.

Treatment of sun stroke, tight pulse, body pain, fever, chills, irritability without sweating.


Also treat typhoid fever floating numbers, body is not painful, but heavy, when there is light, there is no Shaoyin syndrome.

  Guijing: Foot Sun Medicine Fangyi: (1) Cheng’s said: “Guizhi has a stroke and ephedra has typhoid fever.

Today’s wind and cold hurt two, want to use Guizhi to relieve muscles to drive the wind, but can’t hold it cold; want to use ephedra to sweat and dispel the cold, but can’t go to the wind, Zhong Jing is at Qinglong and has two solutions.

  (2) Mahuang Ganwen, Guizhi Xinre.

Cold injury camp to ease it; wind injury to Xin San.

Therefore, ephedra is the king and Guizhi is the minister.

Licorice Ganping, almond sweet bitter, ephedra to post.

Jujube sweet temperature, ginger Xin temperature, Zuo Guizhi to relieve muscle.

  (3) Yingwei, yin, yang, and yang are injured together, but the light agent cannot solve it alone. The light and heavy agents must be scattered together.

Gypsum Xingan is slightly cold, heavy and specialized to the muscle surface.

  Decoction method: first boil ephedra defoam, internal medicines, decoct one serving, stop after sweating.