Routine pore skin care routine

The problem of pores that cannot be eliminated becomes the difficulty of skin care, which makes you hate it!

What can I do to get stumped without an effective solution?

  The problem of the original smooth and delicate skin with enlarged pores is caused by abnormal keratosis of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands and atrophy of the aging skin.

Although it is a simple problem, it is not easy to deal with large pores.

  One of the main reasons for the formation of large pores is the reason: the dirt caused by the strong oil secretion caused by the division of the dirt makes the metabolism of the skin not smooth and cannot fall off as scheduled, causing the pores to expand.

Squeezing acne is over-stimulating-Excessive squeezing of acne, acne, once the dermis is damaged, the pores become enlarged.

The concentration of irritating cosmetics and creams becomes more and more serious, and the pores become larger and larger.

  Cause two: Excessive oil absorption at this age can’t help but take out oil-absorbing paper and deep cleansing masks, but beware-excessive oil absorption will distort the normal secretion of oils, and many deep films first expand the pores to deepenPores carry oil and dirt out.

  Cause three: Smoking When you enjoy the flutter of clouds and fog, cigarettes cause your blood vessels to contract, blood circulation slows down, and nutrients cannot reach skin cells smoothly. Therefore, if you are dry and aging, you will report early and your facial lines will sag naturally., Pores are widened.

  Cause four: Increased stress or endocrine. Adult acne problems caused by stress or endocrine are still wasting mature skin. Gradually, pores begin to expand.

  Why does pore care always fail?

  Large pores are divided into keratinous type, shiny type, dehydration type, and slack aging type. It is effective in treating different types of pores with a large amount of effort.

First understand what kind of pores you have.

  1, horny type: incomplete cleaning, double pores, pressure, tension, horny thickening, poor metabolism.

  Solution: strengthen exfoliation.

Use products that contain ingredients such as fruit acid, salicylic acid, enzymes, or exfoliating microcrystalline particles.

  2, shiny type: genetic, eating too much oil or because the climate is too sweltering may be caused, adolescence most often appear.

  Solution: Condition skin oils.

You can use grease to absorb high-molecular oil-absorbing powder, licorice, saw palmetto, witch hazel, papaya, ZnPCA.

  3. Dehydration type: The skin is dehydrated, and the pores are like dried mud.

Especially in the cabin of an aircraft, the skin is most prone to air-dried orange peel.

  Solution: strengthen hydration.

Hyaluronic acid can use natural moisturizing factor NMF, collagen, moisturizing amino acid, molecular nail products.

  4, the type of aging: aging phenomenon caused by increasing age, ultraviolet rays.

The skin is loose and the pores (capsules) wall lacks collagen support.

Y-shaped pores are large (drop-shaped), and finally the pores are arranged in line with the connection.

  Solution: Strengthen skin firmness.

Products containing vitamin A (A alcohol), L-C, pentapeptide, yeast, and soybean extract can be used.