“Do not,I guess he wants to speed up the efficiency,Should have given up the sniper rifle,Want to use a submachine gun to assault a stronghold。”Straight Analysis Road。
really,When the dragon fruit enters the fire distance,Started toAZhang Song shot。
Zhang Song quickly got up from the ground,Began to detour around the walls of the stronghold,Always use cover,Between myself and the dragon fruit,Jingke Ci Qin,The joy of Qin Wang’s picture。
“What are the weird things of the Flower and Grass team?!One is more wretched,I haven’t been so frustrated after playing games for so many years.!”Long Xiyue scolded。
But he suddenly remembered,This is itIDcallSongziof,Before the game, shouting at Bailing for whom to seek revenge,“He must know some secrets!”
Zhang Song sometimes pretends to fight back,Sometimes hold your head to dodge,Like a slippery loach,Shouting provocatively:“You can’t hit me,Can’t hit me……”
“See if my master won’t kill you!”Pitaya can’t care so much anymore,Rushed inAIn the stronghold,Want to occupy a stronghold by force,Lure Zhang Song out,Good now,Zhang Song is even more anti-visitor,If nothing happens, shoot two shots at the circle in the center of the stronghold,Always interrupting the dragon fruit’s preemption time。
Pitaya suffers from harassment,Can only give up,Fully guard for Zhang Song’s appearance,When he found out Zhang Song’s behavior,Finally resorted to a predictive shot,The bullet hit Zhang Song’s chest。
Zhang Song fell to the ground,But not directly killed,He even uses interactive actions,Spray paint on the ground,Sprayed out a pattern of red dragon fruit。