He took the head of Zhou Yewu。
The life of the epidemic area is indeed helpless。
Adherend,Really precious。
Zhou Ye I suddenly remembered something you want to talk.,Slowly:“Due to pulmonary rupture,The breathing sound will be very low,Even close……So the time is very easy to distinguish。”
He is almost in the way。
Zhong Zhen has no pneumothorax,This doesn’t need to beCTCan also be judged。
at this timeCTMore and more people waiting in line。
Everyone is waiting to doCT。
“Other people will wait,Urgent situation,First put this patientCTDone。”Chen Riyuan makes Zhong Zhen to do check,Firm。
And the director of Chen is coming.,The people of the radiology can’t give face。
So directly put Zhong Zhen to the first one and try it.。
“Why,Everyone is waiting in line。”
“That’s right,I am in front of him.,I will first。”
“That 啥,I stewed soup on the furnace.……”
“Everyone is an emergency,Have to queue!”
One timeCTThe room is called the sound of this。
“Be quiet,In patients,Waiting for him to die,Is it responsible for everyone or you are responsible?”At this moment, Chen Riyuan is round,Deliberately put it as a shipment。
Tell this,People who suddenly spoke all their mouths。
Obviously everyone is still a masterpiece。
Manner,No one is willing to spread this file,After all, if you have lived,This is not a trouble.。
So everyone also made a road,No longer talk。
Chen Riyuan and Zhou Niwu wereCTThe serve is pleased.CTRoom。
Close behind,A bunch of people hide behind the thick wall of radiation。
Always pay attentionCTYulino of indoor Zhong Zhen,Soon found,Before the situation of Zhong Zhen,Be even worse。
“I am thirsty.,Want to drink water。”Weak shouts。
Finish,The nurses of the radiology have been blood pressure on the spot.。
“How many?”
This is a very bad signal。
Blood pressure is still very low,This shows that it is really shock.,Zhong Zhen is insufficient at this time.。
It has been adding liquid supplements in the emergency Zhouwu and Chen Riyuan.,But the effect is very small。
“Is it really aortic dissection rupture”Because there is really no shortprint,Zhou Ye wondered。
“If you really wait until the blood routine,Until then,I can know the results at a glance.。”
“However, if Zhong Zhen is really blood loss shock,Hemoglobin in the blood routine will be handed over to a mess。”
“But now there is no time to wait for blood routine test results.。”