Xia Jian smiled and said:“I parked the car in your field,He asked me to come out with 8,000 yuan,I was angry for a while,Just start with them“
“I’m so sorry,I’ll clean him up。This is a wasteland,Stop whatever you want“Woman talking,Smiled at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian couldn’t help being stunned by this woman’s smile。It turns out that this woman looks like a beautiful girl,Beautiful five views with her plump and sexy body,Is simply a beauty。
“sister!Stop talking nonsense with him,Look at him“Fatty came over,Pulled this woman。
Xia Jian felt a little gaffe,Busy with a smile and said:“You are thinking,This society now,Go out and do some work,Get the money,What do you think this group of people did?,In case I call the police,Then your behavior is called blackmail,The police won’t ignore it“
“Don’t don’t!See you driving such a good car,Must be a big boss,Don’t remember this。They did too much,I will definitely discipline them“The woman was a little nervous。When she said this,Must be watching Xia Jian’s face secretly。
It’s all for this,If Xia Jian entangled again, he would really become a pervert。He laughed and said:“Ok!That’s it,I have to go“
Xia Jian said and put down the trunk,When his eyes float on the rear tire,Can’t help being dumbfounded,I saw that the rear tires had run out of air,It seems this is artificial。
The fat man took her sister a distance,Xia Jian couldn’t help shouting loudly:“stop!“
Which woman turned her head fiercely,Frowned and asked:“Didn’t you say it was okay?What else do you want?“
“They let go of my car,What do you think of this in the wilderness?“Xia Jian said angrily。
The woman raised her hand and slapped the fat man,She cursed coldly:“What a bastard,What do you say about this?How can you let him leave his car??“
“Is there a spare tire??Change to the town and then go cheer up“Fetus laughing,Who led him away。
This makes Xia Jian angry。Is it impossible to change a spare tire?,But he really hasn’t changed,This is how to do?Seeing the sun is about to go down,It’s over when it gets dark。It doesn’t seem to be easy to find someone in this ghost place。
My brother is ignorant,Trouble you,Can you do something for you?”Xia Jianmeng turned his head,Found that the woman didn’t leave,While watching him。