Thought of here,Xia Jian smiled and said:“What happened tonight,Is the food unpalatable??“He is looking for words without words。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Auntie’s craftsmanship has nothing to say,Just no appetite“
“Anyway,I think I’d better eat before I’m full,After all, hasn’t it rained yet??“Zhao Hong said,I took the chopsticks down again。Everyone smiled,And then started eating again。
At this moment,Mayor Zhao laughed and walked in,He walks,Smiled:“I found it by smelling the fragrance“In fact, Mayor Zhao is no stranger to Xia Jian’s family,He is just joking with everyone。
Sun Yuejuan ran out hurriedly,Added tableware on the table,Added another order。Mayor Zhao is not welcome,I picked up the bowl and ate it soon。He eats,Said with a smile:“I communicated with the leader of the headquarters,Probably designed a drainage plan for the second rainstorm,If it is a general rainstorm,Shouldn’t be a big problem“
“That’s good,This is what we worry most。You finished eating,Don’t stay in Xiping Village,Hurry back to the mayor,Urge who is not in place yet?See which village hasn’t implemented it as required“Ouyang Hong said with a serious face。
Mayor Zhao nodded,Speed up eating,After eating,Put down the tableware and turn around and leave,I didn’t say a word extra。He knew,Responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai,He is the head of a town,He must carry this burden。
Mayor Zhao just left,Chen Erniu rushed in,He said to Zhao Hong as soon as he walked in:“All drains in the village have been dredged and cleaned。We have checked every household,There should be no problem“
“is it?Did you go to Wang Degui’s house??“Zhao Hong raised his head,Asked coldly。
Chen Erniu asked in a daze:“All the collapsed houses of Wang Degui’s house were cleared out of the village,Although the courtyard wall has not been built yet,But there is no problem with drainage under heavy rain“
“Humph!You only saw a superficial problem,Wang Degui’s Shangfang,The back wall is made of adobe,If the water in his backyard is not drained in time,When water enters this corner,What will happen to this house?“Zhao Hong stood up while talking。
Chen Erniu slapped his head,Cried out:“Why did i forget about it,The back wall of his house is indeed made of adobe,The heavy rain this morning was dangerous enough,If it comes again,This house has to go down“
“Hurry up and let them move away,There is no discussion on this matter“Ouyang Hong stood up while talking。
Zhao Hong glanced at Chen Erniu,Go outside the gate first。It’s already night,The whole village is shrouded in night。
Due to a heavy rainstorm in the morning,Some people’s courtyard walls have not withstood this test,Already collapsed,But it’s all been cleared away。There will be water from time to time on the village road,People will make popping noises when they step on it。
Zhao Hong went fast,Chen Erniu followed her closely,Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian followed them,A few people walked towards Wang Degui’s house。
When Zhao Hong rushed into Wang Degui’s house,Wang Degui is lying on the kang and sighing。Chen Yueqin injured her hands,She didn’t even make dinner,But sitting on the edge of the kang in a daze。
Zhao Hong broke in suddenly,Chen Yueqin and his wife could not help being shocked。She cried out:“what happened?What are you doing?“
Zhao Hong ignored Chen Yueqin,But rushed directly to the back wall of Shangfang,Squat down,I tore open the colored painting on the wall。