Diao Yinan’s Desire and Desire in “Southern Station Gathering” 丨 Interview
Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) In 2013, the third film directed by Diao Yinan’s screenwriter “Day Fireworks” won the Golden Bear Award for Best Film at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.The film “Southern Station” directed in 2019 was shortlisted for the 72nd Cannes Film Festival.As a sixth-generation director, Diao Yinan’s unique genre pursuit made his work stand out from the crowd of realist observation films, constantly reshaping the audience’s perception of marginal characters.The film “Southern Station” shows the true human arc of the people on the edge of the city under the stylized image.The movie found that the wanted criminal Zhou Zenong (Hu Ge) accidentally killed the police, and in the process of being chased, he wanted to find his wife (Wan Qian) to report that he broke the 300,000 bounty, but accidentally met Liu Ai Ai (guilun magnesium) Decoration) story.The title “Southern Station” was determined by director Diao Yinan at the stage of the script. The romance of the South and the separation and separation in the station are the memories of many people, and it is also a scene where stories will happen.The film was initially filmed in Guangzhou, but Diao Yinan felt that Wuhan with many lakes was more suitable for filming, so he moved the crew to Wuhan. The five-month filming happened to be accompanied by the hottest summer in Wuhan.Do n’t perform without performances, crying for earth-shattering performances, “Southern Station” is full of avant-garde and visual impact, focusing on the ultimate movie viewing experience.The above is in the same line, but it is more violent and uncovered. It is using action to show the story and characters.Therefore, Diao Yinan asked the actors to use more physical performances instead of showing psychological changes.At the same time, a very stylized sound design of the Beijing Opera board was added to the key scene of the fighting in the Zizilou, while the small hotel room directly used the martial arts sound from the Hu Jinquan movie “Drunken Hero”, and the martial arts movements and performances in the film.The method fits, using the character’s body posture to avoid danger, to express the desire to survive or die.Diao Yinan said: “The style of this movie determines this way. The performance of actors can be unified with the style of the movie, so this movie can be used in a more stylized and formal way.This way of performance is also traceable. These traditional Chinese operas and performances of these actors on the stage. We watch the drama instead of watching the content, but their body, posture, and eyes have different presentations. This is the biggest.Charm.The actors are also not presented in a psychological way. They are more stylized physical gestures. To put it bluntly, what they think about in their hearts is that their actions are not necessarily uniform, and even some gestures are beyond experience.Therefore, at this time, the actor needs to empty himself and become like a blank piece of paper, using movements and gestures to place these blanks to complete the shaping of the character’s heart.”Director Diao Yinan played Hu Ge on the set.The character Liu Ai’s body has Zhou Zenong, played by Hu Ge in the chivalrous spirit film, as the leader of a burglar gang, and Gui Lun magnesium plays the professional character accompanying swimmer Liu Ai Ai, who are outside the scope of most audiences.Hu Ge, who starred in the movie for the first time, once had a post-screening exchange with the audience: “Zhou Zenong did not return home in five years because he felt that he could not give his wife and children a good life.When he learned that he might reach a reward of 300,000, he suddenly discovered the value of life, because he had the obsession to compensate his wife and children with hits in exchange for rewards.According to Diao Yinan, Hu Ge’s melancholic temperament and handsome appearance are very in line with the role of fragile and powerful bandits, and Hu Ge’s own starring in few movies can form a very pure performance style like a blank sheet of paper.In order to guarantee his body status in a film where a half-naked dressing wound on himself, Hu Ge only drank a part of his coffee for three days, kept on drying and shaping, and kept himself physically in extreme ways such as not sleepingThe elements of possibility and emotion are more complicated in the soul of fugitive Zhou Zenong.The daughter Liu Aiai, played by Guilun Magnesium, comes from a photo that the director accidentally saw while writing the script.The picture shows a escort girl in Yintan, Guangxi. The girl is sitting on the boat. This photo left a deep impression on Diao Yinan. He wanted to find a place with both villages and lakes in the city.In “Day Fireworks”, there was a role played by Gui Lunmei and Liao Fan to watch the old martial arts film “Thirteen Girls”, this time in “South Station”, director Diao Yinan also said that Liu Ai’s roleInfluenced by martial arts movies.Diao Yinan said: “Liu Aiai has no kung fu, she can’t show her fists, but the inner chivalrous spirit is constantly entangled in the weak and marginal girls in rivers and lakes, even exceeding the imagination of our urban civilized people, or even a special tradition that we can’t reach.The simple moral power is recognized from this point as being particularly classical.”Guilin Magnesium played the accompanying swimmer Liu Ai’ai in” Southern Station “.80% of the night scenes of the video use night photography and light to the extreme. Because the story of this incident is a fugitive and needs to rely on the night cover, the night scenes in the film account for 80%, and the use of night photography techniques and light is usedThe ultimate, including the ubiquitous lighting and light contrast, used motorcycle lights, fluorescent shoes for crowds of square dancers, neon signs for small hotels, and street lighting toys to create cheap light sources in third-tier cities and built a profound designSense of the scene.Diao Yinan described the crew as not designing too much, but discovered it and then carefully adjusted it to present the real magic and blur effect.The night scene of “Southern Station” is very charming.Diao Yinan said: “Night drama must require dramatic light to illuminate the characters to see the actors’ performance. Many natural light sources in the rest of the night are also very attractive and can show the mystery of the night. The black night scene makes the foreground stagedThe effect obscures the cluttered scenes in the background during the daytime. These things form an abstract stage feeling, which makes the actors more like the neutral performance I requested to be presented on the screen.This character’s actions and stories bring us into the night, I don’t think it will hurt the text.”Interview with life is lust, love and death, the two sides of the coin Sauna Night Net:” Southern Station “has many elements similar to” Day Fireworks “, similar to the horses in the corridor of” Day Fireworks “,””South” hunts down criminals in the zoo. What are the reasons for the appearance of these animals?Diao Yinan: In the past, there was a fugitive in our middle school in Xi’an who escaped from prison, and the police throughout the city did not catch him.After being arrested, he explained that he had been hiding in the zoo’s elephant pavilion, eating and sleeping with the elephant for two weeks.I think it’s interesting to tell the story that people and animals are not separated from each other, so I also used it in the movie.Many animals are watching other powerful animals hunting a smaller animal. Just like a jungle, everyone is playing the role of an animal. The natural release of man as an animal in extreme danger and extreme conditions.Sauna Night Net: Also in contrast to “Day Fireworks”, the tunnel plays an important role in time change and story turning, and there are duplicate noodle hall scenes in the two films. Are these personal preferences?Diao Yinan: Tunnels are often people’s first memories. When they come out of the womb into the world, they see a crack in the front from a darkness. Perhaps the tunnel also has this feeling. When it comes to the world through the dark mother, itThere are some very interesting light changes.The small restaurant is also my favorite space. It is relatively hidden. There always seems to be a story happening, and the so-called public space at night in the village of the city seems to be only these places.Sauna Night Net: The scene of the seaside entertainment shed is designed with translucent plastic film and haha mirror. The vase girl singing “Solo River” is a ridiculous alternative. How was this scene designed?Diao Yinan: I have seen the entertainment tents and haha mirrors when I was young. There are really such homeless entertainers in parks or empty spaces in the city. They show various stunts and gradually make a living, so I should always be in my life experience.During the filming, we found that the shadow of the greenhouse was particularly dreamy, showing a subtle and ambiguous image, which is very in line with the feeling of the two of them in this wonderful journey and dream.Especially when they entered the greenhouse, the vase girls were singing lyrical songs. They stood in front of some mirrors, which made this dream state look like in the unreal world.Sauna Nightnet: Eroticism is an important part of your movie, but it seems to have different treatments, similar to the cold passion in the “Day Fireworks”, two non-emotional people in the Ferris wheel, continue to dance and drink after separation.This erotic scene is also very unique, how do you think about it?Diao Yinan: Erotic emotions are a portrayal of a relationship that is often shown in the interaction between men and women. Here, the two people have their own thoughts and show animal attraction. This attraction also assumes the necessary tasks for them to complete.A show.In the darkness of the lake, the lake seemed to replace them with a cruel world. They were rippling in the dark cradle. They experienced a short period of lust. The existence of this lust even set off against the cruelty and danger of the coming death, becauseIsn’t life the two sides of the coin of lust, love and death.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Huang Jialing school against Li Xiangling