At the opening ceremony of the morning, the representative of the meeting watched the digital rural specialized propaganda film, and the leaders of the meeting launched the 2020 Western Digital Country Development Forum. In the main forum activities, Xu Zongota and Tan Chongzhen, Wang Chunhui, Ye Tan, Xu Xu, have made a chairmaning around the digital rural construction, and Zhang Hong, the district of the Ad ICU, the Dean of the Western Digital Economic Research. "2020 Shaanxi Digital Country Development Report ", subsequently conducted project signed. In the afternoon, the Municipal Party Committee Nets Office, the Municipal Agricultural Rural Area, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau held a rural digital economic development, wisdom agricultural development, the development of rural e-commerce development, and smart tourism development.

The forum activities live broadcast, online reading capacity of more than 150,000.

This session is made from the Shaanxi Provincial Committee Network Network Office, Provincial Agricultural Rural Rural Department, Provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall and Shangluo Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, Municipal Committee, Municipal Agricultural Rural Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Travel Service The Bureau and the Shui Shui County Party Committee, the County Government and the Western Digital Economic Research Institute. Li Zhengbo, Chen Moon, Tong Yan’an, more than 50 digital economic experts, Hubei, Chongqing, Henan, Tibet, Gansu and other provinces and cities, provinces, county-level Netcom, agricultural countryside, business , The person in charge of the department, the province’s national digital rural pilot counties, China Electronics, Alibaba, Jingdong and other enterprises, network society organizations, counties (districts) in charge of leaders, municipal-level departments, central and provinces The municipal news media participates in the relevant activities. On the 21st, the participating experts and guests also observe the water fungus planting base, the fungus data center.

In addition, the Shangluo Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held the first plenary meeting of the Digital Economic Development Expert Advisory Group, and the new employs of 20 expert consultants, and the participating experts surrounded the number of digital economic development in Shangluo.

(Local contributed to Shangluo Municipal Party Committee Nets) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wang Qingku).