Would you like to order something in spring?

Every day, we cannot do without these four things: clothing, food, shelter, and transportation. These four things are closely related to our physical health.

So, in the spring of the recovery of all things, how can we do good health care of the body?

Come down carefully.

  Clothing-The yang is gradually growing in spring, and the cold is not over, especially in early spring, the temperature difference is shifted. Therefore, the clothing must be loose and stretched, but also soft and warm. Attention should be paid to increase and decrease with climate change.

As Han Duo started from the bottom, traditional health regimens declared that clothing should be “thin and thick” in spring.

Young women should pay special attention to not changing dresses prematurely, otherwise it will lead to arthritis and various gynecological diseases.

  The spring breeze hides its killing power in the warmth, and it should be wiped off immediately after sweating, and should not be blown open to prevent colds.

Proper understanding in spring can reduce the incidence of diseases, especially common respiratory infections.

  Food-Spring revives everything and is full of vitality. You can eat onions, ginger, garlic, leek, to cool the cold and help the yang to rise. The active ingredients contained in it also have the effect of bactericidal and disease prevention.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver and the wind wood are contained in the spring. Therefore, the human liver is prone to hyperactivity in the spring, and the liver can hurt the spleen. Therefore, the Tang Dynasty medicine king Sun Simiao once said: “It is better to increase acidity and sweetness in the spring to support the temper.

“You can eat some jujube, honey and other foods that nourish the spleen and stomach, and eat less acidic or greasy, glutinous rice cakes and other non-digestible foods.

Also eat more vegetables, such as celery, spinach, cabbage, rape, lettuce, mung bean sprouts, etc., supplement vitamins, inorganic salts and trace elements.

In the evening, the spring day is increasing day by day, and the diet should be light. It is not suitable to eat lamb, dog meat, spicy hot pot, and hot products such as pepper, pepper, pepper, etc. to prevent heat build-up in the body, heat from evil, and fire, leading to soreness and bloating.

  Live-Spring temperature gradually rises, skin blood vessels dilate, and relative cerebral blood flow decreases. Due to hypoxia, people will inevitably suffer from sleepiness in the spring. Pay attention to bed early and get up early.

In the spring, Yiqin opened its windows to ventilate, and looked at the green plants more.

  In order to coordinate with nature, you can plant some flowers and plants and place some bonsai in the courtyard or balcony when winter and spring come, which will beautify the environment and promote health.

  Travel-Spring returns to the earth, the sun is warm, the warm wind is soft, the air is fresh, and the branches are green . In the good spring season, you should go outdoors, throw yourself into the embrace of nature, go out, hike, go green, sunbathe,Air bath.

In the world of flowers and green oceans, cultivate sentiment, cultivate self-cultivation, and support the years.