What is the man’s backache, why do men have a backache?

First: As the age of the lumbar vertebrae fracture increases, the compression around the lumbar vertebrae nerves increases at the same time. These conditions can easily lead to pseudo-vertebral vertebral compression, and there may be lumbar spinal stenosis.The nerve roots are subject to stress, which can easily lead to weakness in the lower back and knees and allergic pain in the lower limbs, which are mainly caused by fractures caused by osteoporosis.

The incidence of spinal stiffness in the elderly is very high, and this situation also increases the likelihood of persistent back pain.

Second: urinary tract infection causes men’s back pain and low back pain mainly caused by chronic nephritis and acute nephritis. The main symptoms are the presence of soreness and pain in the body, and even some patients with more serious problems.The range of pain is enlarged and can be inserted into the ureter until the perineum.

In addition to the backache caused by infection of the urinary system, urinary calculi, tuberculosis and other diseases can also cause back pain.

Third: para-spinal soft tissue disease This is one of the common causes of men’s back pain, mainly due to the symptoms caused by diseases caused by the spinal joints and surrounding soft tissues.

Common edema of local tissue caused by lumbar muscle injury, contusion, sprain, etc., as well as complications of beginner or muscle contraction.

Chronic lumbar muscle strain is mainly caused by chronic damage to the soft tissues of the lumbosacral muscles or the loss of ligaments, resulting in uncomfortable conditions.

The doctor told us that the initial situation of this situation has a certain relationship with our working environment and position.

Fourth: lumbar muscle strain If your usual work needs long-term extension, then it is prone to back pain and low back pain.

It is common for shop assistants, hairdressers, and textile workers to be more prone to this symptom. This is because this type of person takes longer to cause the tendon of the waist and the ligaments to weaken, which is prone to lactic acid accumulation.Too much, this has a very serious effect on the metabolism of the psoas muscle, which can lead to backache or low back pain.

Fifth: Kidney deficiency If a man has kidney deficiency, then the body has no symptoms of backache, edema, limbs chills or even cold, which indicates that the body is cold, and the function of popular hypertensionAlso affected.

Chinese medicine believes that the main symptom of kidney yin deficiency is fever, the main symptoms are backache, night sweats, dizziness and tinnitus.

Sixth: visceral disease experts tell us that if the body has gallstones, cholecystitis, chronic prostatitis and other diseases, then the body may have symptoms of backache.

In addition, if the body has a tumor, it can also cause a backache.

If the body suffers from cholecystitis, the main symptoms are pain in the lower back, burning in the stomach, bloating in the upper abdomen, and the digestive system is also affected. I don’t like to eat greasy food, most of the symptoms and appendicitis.And the ulcers are very similar.

Seventh: Chronic fatigue syndrome This disease should not be heard by many people. This is a common disease in modern society. He not only causes the body to have backache, but also suffers from poor sleep quality., flustered, decreased responsiveness, decreased memory and chest tightness and shortness of breath.

If you want to know what is going on with men’s backache, then it is best to go to the hospital at a distance to conduct a comprehensive examination to see if the organs in your body are deformed.

If these symptoms are mentioned above, then you are likely to have this chronic fatigue syndrome.