The moves of this cocoon of the hundred insects,Naturally will not hinder their own attacks。A pair of claws are pierced several times。
quickly,The struggle in the cocoon disappeared。
The battle for the godhead weapon, the first fell。
Fallen,Patriarch Dididola。
quickly,With the death of Patriarch Diditola,The battle is completely overturned。
Seeing the elves free,Chief Hal roared,It turns into a flame and passes through the body of the elves。And East relies on the main artifact of material defense,Shengsheng stopped Unger。
After being attacked by the soul of Patriarch Hal, the breath of the worms seemed to weaken a lot,Do not confront Patriarch Hal,And dodge。Count it up,He is good at material defense,However, Patriarch Hal and Patriarch East, who are good at soul attacks, are the most restrained.。
And the other side,The battle continues。
Unger’s strength is indeed very strong,Although Patriarch East has the main artifact of material defense,At the same time, the soul defense is also very strong,But also left and right,Together they can barely block,But one on one,But was quickly captured。
Five Powerhouses on Flower Island,One dead and one captured,The remaining three are also in bad shape,Escape quickly。
Patriarch Bard easily throws away Wright’s marksmanship,Wright is also not willing to die for some wealth and the powerhouse master。
And the other two great palace masters,Also use their own methods,Or threaten with the power of the main god,Or escape by flying fast。They quickly flew away from what they spent countless time and energy to build【Flower Island】。
“Haha,Have a good time!”Bai Chong Jing smiled,Wright can’t help but look a little。This seemingly gloomy elves also has such a wild side。