Wang Youcai is not stupid,he knows。If the village committee has people,Except for Zhao Hong,It is unlikely that other people will be in town。Because a few village officials,Are the backbone of the cooperative。Everyone has their own busy schedule,There is still time to sit in the office。But Zhao Hong is different,She wants to lead the whole situation。
Wang Youcai tiptoed to the third floor。Peeped in from the door,He guessed right。Zhao Hong is sitting behind the computer,Don’t know what’s up。On a table beside her,Sat a beautiful girl。He thought about it,This girl should be Ma Yan。
“Yo!The two leaders are so dedicated?Don’t sleep at home on rainy days or anything?”Wang Youcai laughed,Stepped in。
Zhao Hong looked up and saw Wang Youcai,She couldn’t help but frowned slightly and asked:“Wang Youcai!You come to the village committee?”
“See what Mr. Zhao said,This is the village committee of all villagers in Xiping Village,Others can come,Why can’t i come。Are you a beauty?”Wang Youcai said,Actually made fun of Ma Yan。
Zhao Hong snorted coldly:“Wang Youcai!Don’t be so boring。You are right,This is the village committee of Xiping Village,Anyone can come。Of course,If you have something, let’s handle it。If you are fine,I came here to play。Then please go to the activity room on the first floor,But where does the door open after 7:30 in the evening”
“I’m not going anywhere,Just like coming here,Because there are beautiful women here”Wang Youcai said,Twisted butt and sat on the sofa。Then put Erlang’s legs up,Look like a rogue。
Ma Yan glanced at Zhao Hong and said:“How is this person like this。I heard that he is still a boss outside,I didn’t expect him to have such a quality”
Ma Yan’s words,Make Wang Youcai blush。If he was said by Zhao Hong,Then he doesn’t care。But such a beautiful girl told him like this,His face is really a bit unsustainable。
“Hey!beauty,How do you talk,My quality is not high?That’s not,Am I a little worse than Xia Jian?understanding,As the woman on his bedside,How can you say bad things about him,dont you agree?”This is the evil of Wang Youcai。As he spoke, he began to attack by rumors,By the way, Xia Jian was pulled in。
Ma Yan got angry when she heard it,She blushed and roared:“What are you talking about?”