He subconsciously looked at Ye Hongfei and Tang Ren,Wouldn’t they both be hidden masters??
Tang Ren said with a smile:“Kid,You don’t have to look at us two。We are not like they can break the stone,You have to protect me!”
Ye Hongfei also said with a smile:“It’s okay if you don’t protect me,Old Tang is not well protected,Don’t think about his granddaughter!”
Chen Xiu pouted,Finally there are two normal old men。
Qin Xiong, who was standing next to him, glared,Pointing at Chen Xiu:“I said why my daughter cried and blushed before flying to Centipede Ridge,I still
602 conflict
Chen Xiu caught Ou Che’s wrist,Anger:“Tolerance is limited,Don’t think I won’t fight women!”
“Who wants you to let me!”
Ou Che kicked Chen Xiu’s lower body with one yin leg at the same time,Chen Xiu’s knees caught her kick,This is what Wing Chun“sheep”Word step,I just feel like a heavy impact on my knees,My heart trembled:“This stinky lady has so much strength!”
“Don’t demolish the ancestral hall if you think you are good,If you don’t teach me a lesson, you don’t even know the eyes of Lord Ma.!”