“Qin Xiaomin’s retiring,Presumably you also know,We don’t want to hear any explanation from you,I think,They are right,I can’t fault anyone”
“Think about it,What kind of family background does Qin Xiaomin come from?,what about you?To raise a son is someone else’s,Has no blood relationship with you。You are all engaged,But for other women,Fight for your life”
“Save the individual,And went on the news network with my girlfriend。you need to know,You are already engaged。We know these,What else do you not know?Who can stand this??so,Qin Xiaomin and you retired,Your dad and I raised our hands to support”
“so,Everything is you looking for,You know it for yourself!”When Sun Yuejuan finished saying this,,So angry。
Xia Jian grows so old,This is the first time I saw Sun Yuejuan become so angry,It seems that my old lady is really sad this time。
Xia Zecheng, who has not spoken, said coldly at this time:“Tomorrow we will return to Xiping Village。Leave this home to Xiao Xiao。Do you want Xia Jian to live here?,That’s your own business”
“dad!Why are you going back with mom??Right here!No one rushes you back”Xia Jian was anxious when he heard it。
Xia Zecheng snorted coldly:“Xicunping is our home,Why don’t we go back?Stay here and wait for death!Nothing a day,Do you think this kind of life is what we want?”
Two words from Xia Zecheng,Xia Jian was speechless。Indeed,If it wasn’t for Xiao Chenchen,My parents said nothing would come to live in Bucheon。
But the other way around,If Xia Jian got married here and had children,,My parents won’t go back to Xiping Village again。It’s so wrong,It seems that it was Xia Jian’s fault。
“Aunt!uncle!Don’t go back。Even if it’s because of my Xiao Xiao’s face,You can stay for a while!Or just wait for the warmth of spring next year,Can I take you back personally??”Xiao Xiao humbled,Almost begging。
Sun Yuejuan took a deep breath and said:“child!We are getting older,Even dreaming is at home。So you don’t need to talk anymore。Your kindness to us these past few years,We have all in our hearts”
Xia Jiangang is going to speak,Xia Zecheng waved his hand and said:“You shut up now,No matter how good you mix out,But for our old Xia family,You are nothing。Career is zero,Not even a wife,Let alone let us hug our grandson”
Two words from Xia Zecheng,So choked Xia Jian was speechless。Dad is too right,He really is such a person。
Xiao Xiao saw that Xia Jian’s parents had decided,So she smiled and said:“Since Auntie and Uncle have thought about it,I won’t talk nonsense,But tomorrow I will arrange someone to take you back to the village,You must promise me this,Otherwise you don’t go back”
“This is acceptable,Because we have a lot of luggage”Xia Zecheng took the lead。