Lazy can also maintain health, especially after 45 years old to achieve “six lazy” health

The old saying goes: People who have been forty days after the 40th birthday are like the sun in the afternoon, step by step!

Especially after the age of 45, the various organs of the body have gone downhill. Many diseases have begun to “explode” and people are in middle age. “There are old and small,” life stress is really worrying everywhere, the body is very easy to come out.If the middle-aged does not pay attention to maintenance, it will lay a big hidden danger to the health of the elderly. After 45 years old, how to make life simple, let the mood become easier, let the body become healthy, and the word “lazy” as long as “lazy” is right.After 45 years of age, I managed to make six lazy 01 hearts “lazy”, changed a lot of acute life, there are many acute children, no matter what they do, they are eager to complete the work queue, buy food is also hot, so know how to lazy to learn to controlGood mood is very important. Source: Tugs, especially middle-aged and elderly people get up in the morning, the movement must be slow. People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay more attention to 02 exercise “lazy”, don’t go out too early, sleep less, many people in the morningJust go to exercise but for high blood pressure, people with coronary heart disease are still “stolen lazy”. Don’t rush out to exercise in the morning because the blood is thicker and blood pressure is higher in the morning.Exercise can easily lead to rupture of blood vessels, cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction and other diseases in the morning exercise. It is best to exercise slowly after the sun rises and the weather is good. Let the recovery “slack” fast-paced life let peopleEating is also like “snoring” but gorging further affects the absorption of nutrients. It also has a great harm to the stomach. Source: When the worm eats, steal a lazy, chewing slowly, the best meal is 15?
After about 20 minutes, it is good for food digestion, nutrient absorption, and “too lazy” to make food fine. Add coarse grains in the refined grain to protect the stomach and blood vessels. “Lazy” gets angry and keeps a good mood.”We also often hear people say “gas bombing”, “gas smashed”, “air stun”, which is actually too angry to be harmful to people, often angry, on the liver, lungs, stomach, heart, etc.Organs will cause great damage to the age, less anger should be paid attention to otherwise, or accidentally, the blood pressure suddenly rises, serious can cause stroke, myocardial infarction and other acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and even sudden death 05 “lazy” to workTo make work and rest combine to live, to be busy all day, to worry, to work. This is a situation of many middle-aged people, but there is no way to do things. Although busy, labor is certain, but “work and rest” should be paid attention to even after lunch.Sleeping for 20 minutes in the afternoon, this is also a repair of the body. It usually stretches more and more. The benefits are even more amazing. When you are lazy, the upper body activity can make more oxygen-containing blood supply the brain to make people feel awake.Comfortable stretching will cause most muscles to relax and contract. Many of the accumulated blood is returned to the heart to remove some waste from the muscles to eliminate the fatigue. Source: The worms stand up and relax for a sedentary person.Because sitting and stretching is not easy to relax muscles and nervous attention ● When stretching, make the body stretch as much as possible, the limbs should be straight, the whole body muscles should be forced; when contracting, try to inhale; ● When relaxing, the whole body muscles should relax.Try to exhale as much as possible so that the exercise will be better.

Although learning the appropriate “lazy” to get rid of your troubles, in addition to being “lazy”, you have to do “five greed”, “four diligence” and “three guards”. After 45 years old, try to achieve five non-corruption sources:Insect 1 is not too greasy to eat, it is easy to cause obesity, hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease.

In addition, we must especially remind you that there are several home-cooked dishes that are “oil-absorbing”, such as burning eggplant, fried potato, and tomato scrambled eggs.

2 not salty high blood pressure, too much salt, easily lead to high blood pressure, stroke, high blood pressure and kidney weakness.

3 not eating too much sweets, can cause dysfunction of the body, causing obesity, diabetes and other diseases.

4 Do not drink alcohol, especially heavy drinking, causing serious damage to the stomach, liver, liver, heart, brain and other organs.

5 not gluttony diet should be seven or eight full, if long-term greed and more, in addition to increase the digestion and absorption burden of digestion, and will induce or aggravate the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

After the age of 45, I managed to achieve four diligence and 1 diligence in the sun. After the strong bones were 30 years old, the bone density of the human body began to decline, and the bone calcium was gradually lost. After 45 years old, osteoporosis and other problems also followed.

Regular sun exposure promotes the synthesis of vitamin D and prevents osteoporosis.

Source: Figure worm In addition, the head is the head of all the sun, is the key part of the sun, if the weather is better, it is best to take off the hat to let the sun shine directly on the top 15?
20 minutes.

2 walking hard, walking with a strong heart and lungs is “the best sport in the world.”

After work, pumping time to take a walk, can reduce the accumulation of feces in the body, avoid “middle-aged blessings”; can lower blood pressure and enhance heart and lung function.

3 diligent foot, strong immunity Chinese medicine believes that the foot is the most densely packed organ in the human body, through the foot bath way, can promote blood circulation and improve the body’s immunity.

Source: The insects soak their feet before going to bed, the water temperature is 38 °C?
45 ° C is appropriate, soak for about 20 minutes.

4 diligently combing the head, the head of the fatigue is the head of all the yang, often combing the hair, can promote the blood circulation of the head, help relieve fatigue, refresh the brain.

After the age of 45, try to do three protections and protect the inside. “To be long-lived, the intestines are always clear; if you want to die, you will have no intestines.”

“It can be seen that it is intrinsic to the health of a person.”

As we age, the secretion of digestive juice in the small intestine begins to decrease, and the chance of constipation increases, which leads to a decline in the digestive function of the human body, leading to an increased risk of disease.

It is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables daily and absorb enough supplemental fiber to help interfere with peristalsis, increase bowel movements and improve health in the body.

2 protect the cardiovascular sayings that “people are old and old”, and “legged old” is the main axis.

In addition, the plasma is mostly ligament tissue and bone, above the muscle, so the blood circulation here is relatively poor.

Source: When the worms reach middle age, they are overworked for a long time, severe joint damage, and the obese body will bear the weight of the joint bones.

Therefore, at this time, it is easy to cause arthritis, joint swelling and the like.

It is recommended to develop the habit of proper massage.

3 protect the back of the back “the back of the five internal organs are also attached, the back is always warm, the warmth is not injured in the lungs”, and cultivation is also a way to prevent disease.

Chinese medicine believes that the back of the human body is yang, and there is a Du Meridian that extends vertically from the top to the bottom along the spine and the back of the spine.

It is recommended that the family help the back every day, take the back, open the hips and meridians, can effectively prevent physical weakness, shoulder pain problems.

After the age of 45, it is the golden period of health care. From the habit of living, we will do this “six lazy”, “five no greed”, “four diligence”, “three guards” to keep fit and prolong life!