What are the characteristics of periodontitis?

The oral cavity is very important for everyone. After the disease occurs in the oral cavity, it will have a great impact on the diet and will also have a great health hazard.

Periodontitis is a common disease that occurs in the mouth, and many people do not understand periodontitis.

Therefore, today we will tell you about the characteristics of periodontitis.

Characteristics of periodontitis Periodontitis has four major features, namely the formation of periodontal pockets, the hardening of the wall of the bag, the absorption of the alveolar bone, and the loosening of the teeth.

Adult periodontitis accounts for about 95% of patients with periodontitis. It is divided into simple type and complex type. Simple periodontitis is the most common, which is caused by the long-term existence of chronic ulcers extending to deep periodontal tissues.Called marginal periodontitis.

Characteristics of simple periodontitis: 1, simple periodontitis generally invades most of the teeth, and a few patients only occur in a group of teeth or individual teeth.

The degree of periodontal damage is accompanied by plaque, and the amount of calculus is mostly consistent.

The molar area and the anterior area are integrated, because it is easy to accumulate plaque and calculus.

2, the progression of simple periodontitis is slow, often alternating with active and stationary phases of complications.

The disease can be started in the youth, and the medical history can last for more than ten years, even decades.

3, the early stage of the disease can occur in the periodontal pocket and alveolar bone absorption, only the gingival redness, brushing and bleeding when eating, often ignored by patients, delay treatment, so that the condition is further aggravated.

4, simple periodontitis in addition to the four characteristics of periodontitis, late even tooth displacement, food impaction (due to loose teeth displacement), secondary occlusal wound, gingival recession, root surfaceExposure, periodontal abscess, periodontal pocket pus and bad breath.

The above is an introduction to the characteristics of periodontitis. For periodontitis, I believe that you have a deeper understanding.

Many reasons in life may induce periodontitis, especially those with bad eating habits are more likely to develop periodontitis, so to prevent the occurrence of periodontitis, you must pay attention to your diet, and oral health care work.