Original title: 576 hospitals in Hebei Province can use the provincial internal transfer to promote the standardized high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine, manufacturers of traditional Chinese medicine, the provincial and labor supervision bureau issued a number of policy measures on supporting high-quality development of pharmaceutical industry, allowing Chinese herbal medicines Entrusted production, encourage enterprises to develop superior and beverage pieces, forming large varieties learned from the relevant provincial government, and Hebei Province combined with medical institutions to formulate traditional technology to formulate traditional process to formulate traditional Chinese medicine formulation, create traditional technology to configure Chinese medicine preparation file platform, fully realize online The declaration of the filing has been approved 576 Chinese medicine preparations can be used in the province.

  At present, there are 279 Chinese medicine production enterprises in Hebei Province.

In order to promote the standardization of high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine, the provincial and labor supervision bureaus issued the "Several Policy Measures on Supporting the High Quality Development of Pharmaceutical Industries", allowing Chinese herbal medicines to entrust production, encouraging enterprises to develop advantageous drink pieces, forming large varieties.

After the GMP examination, the Chinese herbal medicinal film production enterprises added a new variety under the original production scope of the project, and the municipal drug supervision department can be reported as required. For the stability of Chinese herbal medicines, the quality and safety of traditional Chinese medicine beverage pieces are traceable, allowing Chinese herbal medicines to produce traditional Chinese medicine primary processing products.

  In terms of improvement of drug registration, Hebei Province has been transferred from Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia and other places from Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, from 2018 to now, from Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia and other places to Hebei Province. In May 2020, the Ling Pharmaceutical Confucius Cough was approved and obtained by the National Food and Drug Administration, and the drug registration approval was obtained. The variety is the first release of the drug review examination and approval system reform and the new version of the "Medical Registration Management Measures", Hebei Province A Chinese medicine new drug approval number approved by the State Food and Drug Administration quickly reviewed approval and conditions. In the improvement of the quality standard system of the Chinese medicine, the "Hebei Province Chinese Hydraulic Material Standard" was prepared, as a statutory technical standard for drug research, production, operation, use, inspection and supervision and management of Hebei Province. In order to improve the quality of drugs, Hebei Province has also conducted special rectification of traditional Chinese medicine drinks in the province, severely cracking on dyeing weight, doping makes holidays, etc. The province’s traditional Chinese medicine, production circulation enterprises and use units shall conduct awareness of production and operation activities according to law according to law. Significantly increased, illegal violations were significantly reduced. Strengthening the daily supervision and market sampling of Chinese herbal medicines and China-Pharmaceuticals, the Chinese medicine preparation products have not found unqualified situation in the provincial sampling inspection, and the passage of Chinese herbal medicines has risen from the%% in 2013 to 2019, higher than 91% of the country. Average. According to reports, in the future, Hebei Province will continue to improve supervision efficiency, continuously promote the reform of the delivery service, support the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine, and encourage enterprises to accelerate the ancient classic cultivation and development and medical institutions to apply traditional technology to formulate traditional Chinese medicine preparations Recording.

Promote the construction of the quality testing center of China herbal medicines in Hebei Province. In combination with the actual situation, formulate relevant policies to ensure the effective implementation of the 2020 "Chinese Pharmacopoeia".

At the same time, we will explore the establishment of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, and medium-phaded production process retrospective system, with 5 years, gradually realize the source of traditional Chinese medicine key varieties can be checked, go to the chasing, responsibility. (Reporter Zhang Shuhui) (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon).