“Awkward?”Zhou Ye looks at this promotion,Some don’t understand Chen Hao to send this to you.。
Chen Youwang sent a dog head expression,Then:“You look at it,Brotherdei。”
Zhou Ye:“I look horizontally,Vertical look,Lying down。”
Chen Youwang:“The unlucky college student is considered,It is because the hospital emergency doctor refuses,Delay rescue treatment caused by death。”
Zhou Ye looks at this Heddian word,Think about it。
“But the level of the first hospital is not enough.,No 50,The referral is not no way.。”He has sent this past。
WeChat, Chen Qiangwang, then replied:“But this is a matter of the hospital.。”
Zhou Ye:“Patients with aortic dissection when they have encountered previous internships,Is strictly implementing refunded consultation procedures,Because I can’t diagnose in the hospital,So you can’t fulfill your referral procedures,ContinuousCTI have been diagnosed.,But after the patient died,Family members not only resorted to law,And get it on the media to cry.,It is said that it is killed by the first hospital for the delay.,Also explained that you can’t cure yourself.,Why not-Let the patient go to the hospital……”
Chen Youwang suddenly said:“The doctors are really difficult.,It is not right to turn.,Only when I have been hospital, it is right.。”
Zhou Ye also sent a dog head:“Anyway, I don’t know what to analyze these medical accidents.,But the emergency doctor did not implement the consultation system,The condition and potential risk of the big student is not enough,It is really suspected of illegal.。”
“Unfortunately a big student。”Chen Youwang said。
College students are also Fenghua Zhengmao.,talent20Late year,Is the third school student in Normal University,It is also a person who is admired in the future.!
Zhou Ye wooked after reading,It is also a bit cold。
after that,The parents of that college students directly received the phone call.,Demonstration of college students。
It is said that this thing is very big.,Directly directly involve it.,Directly recorded。
Investigation,College students are unwell,Accompanied by classmates,To the local hospital registration emergency,Results When the two entered the emergency internal medicine,Doctor on duty is giving another person,And medical instruments for a critically ill patients in the rescue room,So there seems to be a little neglected for college students.。
College students repeatedly responded to their throat discomfort,And foreign body sensation,But the emergency team doctor did not consult him.、Inside、Writing medical record,Directly called the hospital night without otolaryngology emergency,I suggest that they go to the top hospital.。
Results This superior hospital,It’s really laughing.。
“Can this still say?,It is really unable to shirk.。”Zhou Ye helpless。
NS136chapter Dimplene weight loss
Actually don’t send120Ambulance,Also make people a big student to rent a car,This heart is really big!
The result came to the superior hospital,Nima’s people have consciously lost,Lip color green purple,Heartbeat breathing,Motorless pulse disappears,The pupil is large to the side,No life……Rescue invalid!
Zhou Ye looks at this news push,People are stupid。
This is an unexpectedly destroyed it is two families.,The responsibility of the first doctor’s doctor is definitely a crime.,Severe points directly revoke physician qualification certificate and entanglement,And college students are also white-haired to send black hair people.。
“When doctors are difficult。”WeChat Chen Youwang has some worry about Zhou Yewu’s future.。
“Say how to say what you go to Wuhan.,Did you go to the plane tomorrow??”Chen Youwang。
After all, hit a small buddy.,If there is any accident,This is really not wanting to see.。
Zhou Ye has been to support Wuhan, and there is a certain spirit.。
He also mentioned this before,Chen Youwang is supported,But this will be a partner in this future.。