Chu Debuo is not resting,Over the night, the boat is drawn……
Little fish is somewhat dare not“Know yourself”、and“It seems that I have an idea to the wicked valley”Chu Deirers talk,So the drama。
“I said Gu Ergongzi,Do you like that little pepper??”Little fish deliberately take him。
“no!I……I am traveling with Jing Sister.,Not that kind of like!”Guant’s jade eyes saw it shamefully。
“Oh?I am talking about between the two,good relationship,The kind of mutually supported,What you said??”Small fish asks。
“I……you……”Gu people know that he is teasing,Unfortunately, it is not good to defend.,And he and Zhang Jing are different.,Nor is it、I have to have sex。
“Not what I said.!That little pepper,If you don’t move、kill,If you marry her,I am afraid that I will enter the tiger nest.!”The little fish began to get up.。
In fact, his voice,It should also be heard in the tunic,Deliberate……
Small pepper Zhang Jing and jade face god boxes,The list of people is in the top ten,Still in the King Sword Shuang Xia Wang Xiaofeng、Rushed above。
The list is very ill,,In the top ten,Most of the people are Jiangnan Wu Lin Shijia.,Give people feel like the world’s first village——However, there is indeed objective reason.,after all“young people”Name sound limited,Northern juvenile heroes,There is no reputation in the south.。
In addition, in Chu Deire,Zhang Jing and Gu Zong Yu……In the elderly generation,It is indeed an outstanding,Small age than water,After all, martial arts is on Wang Xiaofeng.!
Compared to below,Still the bell swordsman more water。
Zhang Jing walks more in the rivers and lakes in this year.,by“Hateful”and“Shout”Be known for,There are many people in the green forest, I don’t want to see her.,Temperament,Sometimes it is easy to have、Getting too heavy。
“I……Don’t say such a sister,Jingjie is actually very good,She kills is a bad person.!”Gu people jade busy for Zhang Jing。
“How old are you this year??How long does it take??”Small fish a pair of tone。
“Seventeen,Two years……More than one year。”Gu Ziyu is really honest to answer。
“For less than two years,You can get a good person?”The little fish see Gu people’s jade to correct the referendum.,It seems in tissue language,So open:“And she has to grab the treasure map before,Is the iron girl is also a wicked??”
“This……Jing Sister is wanting to knot her mother’s wish,Zhang Bo master is also very good……”
“look,How do you know that you are very good?,You still know her mother?”Small fish。
Gu people were forced to be anxious,So explained:“I said,Zhang Bo Mother is the first beauty of Jiangnan,The rivers and lakes say Jade lady,The most advocated Yan Nantian Heroes!”
Little fish, I like to listen to someone in the heart of the heart.,But still a bargain:“I like Yan Herism,Be a good person??”
“Jiangnan’s first beauty,Twenty years ago,I like Yannan Tianshi。”Gu Ziyu has emphasized it again。
“so what?”Hollowa,I didn’t react it for a while.。
Gu Ziyu had to explain:“Twenty years ago,Young woman on the river,Most of the sought-in is not Dali,Jade Lang Jiang Feng……Jade lady,Worship Yan Herism,You said that Zhang Bu is much stronger than those who are very common.?On education daughter,Nature is also much better than those people!”
Chu Deman:……
Chu Deiren turned his head to see an eye,Focus on a murderous tunic,After that, I looked at the more and good little fish.。
Good guy,This ship has a total of six people from you.,You have sinned three this sentence.。
I like to be authentic、Like Jiang Feng’s,It’s all swearing,Teach no child?
You like this, my Chu Deirers like,but……Small look,When you say this later,It is best to mask!
Real people, but the small fish is perfunctory,So I asked the Chu Deiren sitting in the bow.:“Chu Hexia,Do you say that I have said something??”
“I think……You are so old,Still practicing,Don’t think about what love loves love!”Chu Deirers said a beautiful light。
Because Chu Deee overtime has dotted overnight,Turning the day of Chaoyang,A group has come to Xuan Shuangzhuang——These Zhuangzi,Is on the island around the small lake around Murong Mountain,Usually archway to Murong Mountain Villa。
Xuan Shuangzhuang’s Zhuang Zhuang,It is the wind wave seen by Chu Deirers.。