“Damn,Why is this barbecue so delicious!”
and,Because the barbecue fried his mentality,It tastes very fragrant at this time。
Minor injuries,Even if not treated,Can recover in just an hour,No problem。
Seun had a barbecue here,The Sky Monkey, who was forced to retreat by Leo’s sword, glared at Leo.。
“Do you want two to fight one?”The sky monkey yelled,Unabated momentum。
“no no,How could i intervene!”Leo said。
“It’s just that you guys should be tired after playing for so long,So I want to treat you to barbecue!”
Talking,Leo picked up a large piece of barbecue。
“Our bastard chef is very skilled,This barbecue tastes good!”
Seems to cooperate with my boss,The chef took a step forward,Seems to be saying,Yes,I’m the bastard chef。
The monkey is silent,Eat your sister’s barbecue,I’m here to make trouble, not to find you to drink。
“So what are you going to do?”
Leo faces the question of the Sky Monkey,Indifferent waving:“My men are not your opponents,I, the boss, of course have to do it myself!”
“of course,I won’t take advantage of you,I have barbecue here,You can eat!”
The sky monkey smells a tempting fragrance,Suddenly my heart sank,Then I looked at my home。
How can I prepare food over there?。
After all, my boss and others are desperate,These little brothers have the courage to have a party?
Brother Fo, because Leo is the boss,That’s why。