“Wash out the photo as soon as possible,Don’t show me,Directly to Zhang Siwei,And remind her by the way,Let her pay more attention,Ye Boping might hurt her family!”Fang Na asked。
Er Mao touched his head,Senseless,“what?Sister Na,You let me remind Zhang Siwei,Then they know,I’ll definitely be more prepared,Ye Boping didn’t have a chance to start?”
“Too stupid!”Fang Na lights up a cigarette,“Who is Zhang Siwei?Strong woman!Strong women are very strong,Will not hide weakly in case of trouble,Will not play stupid,She will definitely go to Ye Boping to settle accounts。”
“Sister Na is amazing,It should be like this。”Ermao flatly said。
“The stronger she taught Ye Boping,Ye Boping’s murderous intention is more serious,Maybe it will end up with Zhang Siwei’s life,I want this effect。”Fang Na threw up two eye circles happily。
Ermao smiled and nodded,“understood,understood,Sister Na is still a good one。”
Fang Na smiled,“Division of labor between you two,Wang San helped Ye Boping get in touch with Zhang Siwei’s family,Come out,Ermao takes the photo。”
“it is good,De Ling。”Wang Sanying。
“Row,never mind,You go,I still sit for a while。”Fang Na waited for them to leave,I sat alone for a long time,No intention to leave。
“Big reporter,You ride a bull?Half an hour late。”Liu Yuan hurried in,Fang Na squinted at him,Asked unhappily。
“I am not idle,So busy,Don’t ask too much。”Liu Yuan sit down,Take one out of the bag immediatelyUSet up,“This is a game you want,Should be good。”
Fang Na picked upULook around for a long time,“What is this little thing,Didn’t you always use floppy disks before??”
“I used to use3.5Inch floppy disk,But the memory is too small,Still big body,I use this now,This is calledUplate,Small body,Large memory,Just the price is a bit expensive。”Liu Yuan smiles,Patiently explain。