2014 new season F1 is about to start, car king Schumacher wakes up!
On the 14th of March, the 2014 season F1 is about to sound the first engine in Prince Park, Melbourne, Australia.Although this year’s opener will definitely not have the figure of the car king Schumacher, fans said that Schumacher must be inseparable from his life-long F1, hoping that the sound of the new season’s racing engine will wake him up.Taking the lead on the 12th local time, Melbourne, Australia, Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricardo drove a Formula F race against an Air Force F/A-18 Hornet fighter on the airport runway for speed competition to build momentum for the new season.  After Senna’s death that year, Schumacher turned out to be a new generation of car king.Now that Schumacher is getting old, his successor has been slow to show up.Although “dry son” Vettel has won the championship for four consecutive years, his personal influence is still far less than that of Schumacher.Vettel’s lack of popularity According to the survey results of the world’s leading sports market research institution, Alonso’s global awareness reached 71.14%, Hamilton and Massa used 63 respectively.35% and 58.14% ranks second and third, while Vettel’s global awareness is only 54.30% ranks fifth, only 60 in terms of marketing value.64% ranked fourth.The big change in the rules of the Red Bull’s morale decline has made people ready for the “season” of the new season.The last time F1 (2009) benefited from the big changes in the rules was Red Bull. Since the 2010 season, the Red Bulls have won double crowns for four consecutive years.Feng Shui took turns, this time Red Bull was really about to hand over their scepters.  In the F1 new season test conducted by the Air Force, Red Bull Racing’s morale fell to the abyss. Not only did the car have problems, but the Renault engine was quite weak. It couldn’t even complete a winning competition simulation. It also lags behind its opponent by more than 4 seconds., Once reduced to second-rate team.How does Vettel remain competitive with the disappearance of the rover and how to become the next king?This is the antibody left for him in the new season. I believe it is always the expectation of Schumacher.  And the teams that have been hard-pressed for four years saw the dawn of the emperor taking turns in the pre-season test.The fast horse Mercedes runs far and high, Ferrari wins the two popular car kings Alonso and Raikkonen, Williams is considered to be a very dark horse, McLaren can’t do this after the personnel shuffle.Wash and sleep.  Of course, all challengers still keep their character low-key, and they are happy that Red Bull finally has no bull cart.The worry is, will the defending champion put you first in the year of the horse, and then spray your exhaust in the second half?