Recently, as the epidemic is again invaded, according to the superior party committee, the government instructs, the Jinniu District Civil Affairs Bureau immediately issued the instructions, decisively take measures, including Yi Kang, Poly and Shuihui, China Resources, all the old-age The institutions have implemented closed management, suspend the foreign visits and visual activities, and improve the level of epidemic prevention work, running with time racing, fight against time, and ensure that this striker and old people defense. It is understood that during the epidemic, Chengdu is in accordance with the requirements to close management, isolate all external risks, every morning, in the middle, in accordance with the requirements of the fourth time to inspect the old room, temperature.

Internal mid-range killed work, all employees are collecting nucleic acid, eliminating all internal hidden dangers, building a copper wall iron wall for the elderly. At the same time, it is agency to actively explore the innovation of comprehensive body pension services as a community embedded pension, providing new and innovative community old-age services for community residents.

One is online health lecture.

During the epidemic, special invitation to the Director of the Directive Nursing Nursing, Peng Wei, live healthy and epidemic prevention knowledge, and the popularity of epidemic prevention knowledge, building a healthy line.

The second is the live health course. On time during the morning, take the lives of the lives in the room every morning to watch live health exercise, so that the elderly can have a healthy body without leaving home.

Third, zero contact is available to buy meals.

The Different Endowment Home Division provides for the epidemic specially available to buy and serve, meets the daily needs of the surrounding home, zero contact, zero risk, and epidemic, for the elders.

Under the decisiveness and strong leadership of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Jinniu District, it is not only the importance of China Run, and the pension brands in the jurisdiction will continue to explore old-elderly innovation services. They bring happiness to the elders around them. Life.