The five most important words in marriage

1. The most cherished sentence: “I love you.

“When you hear this, it means that you have harvested the love of another person.

Is there anything sweeter, more intoxicated, happier, and happier than being loved?

When you say this, it means that you have found the ideal lover.

  Searching among the bustling crowd, finally one day, your eyes light up: “It is she (he)!

“With love, you are no longer alone; with love, you are no longer confused; with love, you are no longer wandering; with love, you are no longer relaxed.

Love is a choice, a kind of enjoyment, a kind of motivation, a kind of responsibility.

  2. The most reassuring sentence: “I’ll come.

“Everyone has a time when they need help most.

After a week of exhausting work, when you want to enjoy a relaxing weekend, you suddenly discover that the plumbing at home is broken.

You call the plumber and when he says “I’ll come”, you will feel extremely relaxed.

When you are driving on a busy road, the car suddenly goes out, and the car behind it grows into a dragon again, and desperately whistle to urge.

At this moment you anxiously call a friend, and when he says “I’ll come”, your heart is like a stone falling to the ground.

  3. One of the most inspiring words: “I believe you can do it.

“A good teacher told me that one of the tricks she has in educating her students is to often talk to them alone.

And whether they are good or bad, they say to them, “I believe you can.

“As a result, almost all the students she has taught are confident.

The “OK” is more “OK”, and the “No” is also “OK”.

From this, I think of a sentence from Sun Zhongshan: “If you believe that it is feasible, it will be difficult to move the mountains to reclaim the sea, and there will be a day of success. If you believe that it is not feasible, you will not make it easy.

“This is true for both students and adults.

When a person encounters difficulties, makes mistakes, or hesitates, if his leader or his friend says “I believe you” and “I think you can,” then he will soon be courageous.

  4, the most people can bear the words: “Go your way, let others say it!

“My father once said to me,” If you want something that others can’t get, you have to give something that others can’t afford.

If someone else rests, you also rest, others work, you work, and how others live your life, so you can only get what others get and what you get.

Indeed, successful people in life always look farther than others, think deeper than others, and do more than others.

But often accompanied by rumors, rumors, and even gossip.

Therefore, whenever you hear a different voice, you must not only check your words and actions, but also strengthen your determination, “Let people say it!

“As Lu Xun said:” The sneer’s approval is always after the success of the reform.

“5, the most difficult sentence and the most able to resolve the contradiction:” Maybe you are right.

“This is like asking someone to put down their weapons in a fierce battle and admit their mistakes in a dispute, which is very hurtful.

But in many cases, saying this sentence will extinguish the burning anger, calm the roaring mind, lower the fist of fist, and converge the differences of opinion.

Many injuries and losses will always be avoided, and overall unity and stability will be maintained.

This sentence is particularly important in family disputes.

When a husband and wife quarrel over a small matter, if one of them says this first, then many contradictions will end here.

In fact, since each other loves each other, and now that they have lived together, what are the principles and issues that you have to fight for?

Say “Maybe you’re right” and you won’t lose anything.