After all, now,Actually, Wang Teng discovered,This place is not bad。
And at the moment,A bunch of people at the door,I have noticed Wei Yuyan and Wang Teng here。
Two people are a combination of handsome men and beautiful women,At once attracted the attention of many people。
“Wow,Isn’t that Yuyan,She finally came。”
“Is that her boyfriend next to him?,So handsome。”
“I took a look,He drove the Rolls-Royce Phantom Collector’s Edition,Worth 16 million。”
at this time,These women gossiping,But it’s endless。
But Wang Teng didn’t think much,Walk straight here。
Wei Yuyan is generous:“Hello,long time no see,This is my boyfriend Wang Teng。”
Wei Yuyan finished,These women,They surrounded Wang Teng one after another。
“Wow,Handsome guy looks great,When did you meet?”
“Handsome guy,You are so good,Do you mind having another girlfriend??”