The girl in Portland Street has light clothes,The hip skirt is as short as it is,It’s not as hot as summer, but the girl’s clothes are still like peeled lychees,Very tempting。Hot body,Temperament。
Good girl from Hong Kong Island!
Chen Xiu’s eyes straightened along the way,Secretly feel a little shameful,But after seeing pedestrians unscrupulously approaching the statues of Brother Pig who are standing on the street girls’ breasts,I felt like a gentleman in an instant。
“Have you seen enough!”O Sheng said angrily。
“Look?What to see?
I did not see!”
613 sell
“right here。”
Chen Xiu followed Ou Sheng up to the seventh floor704Outside the room,O Sheng is going to ring the doorbell,Chen Xiu grabbed her hand and said:“Don’t press,Something is wrong。”
Chen Xiu told the doubts in his heart,Even more:“Master Ye Hongfei even said that,Wei Kai used to be a thief,His stealing skills are superb。Even if he hides and trains《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》The work,At least it’s not a lack of money。Why come to such a low-end place to play?”
Ou Sheng has reminded him and thinks something is wrong,The main thing is to distribute manpower to find,Yaoyang is so lucky that he let his groom meet Wei Kai,This is too coincidental。