Li Na smiled and said:“Oh!This matter!You are a bit serious,I’ll pack the car for you,Put it in the carport downstairs of my house,Waiting for you to ride,I know,You were in trouble,Or such a good car,How can you do it,I think I lent you this money“
Li Na finished,I took a motorcycle key out of my bag and lost it,Xia Jian took a look,It’s my own,He couldn’t help but get excited,He was really too difficult at the time。
at this time,A waiter ran in,Eagerly asked:“Who is Li Na??There is a call,Said it was urgent“
Li Na’s face changed,Ran out immediately,Not much time,She ran back,Take a bag,While talking:“Something happened in my store,I want to rush over,You three eat slowly“
Thinking of Li Na being so righteous to him,Xia Jianyi excited,Stood up,He said loudly:“Or let me go with you,See if I can help?“
Li Na hesitated,Speak softly:”Ok!“
Two people ran out of the restaurant,Stopped a car on the side of the road,Flying towards the lark。
Lark at this time,Still so charming and enchanting,Show off her charm in the night。
In the lobby on the first floor,Orderly,People come and go,Can’t see anything unusual。Xia Jian and Li Na entered,A man who looks like a barman,Came over immediately,Said a few words softly in Li Na’s ear。
Li Na’s face changed slightly,Whispered to Xia Jian:“308Private room,After talking she has entered the elevator,Xia Jian hurried to catch up“
In the channel,Everything is proceeding in a very orderly manner,Occasionally singing from the crack of the box door,Still hot,Xia Jianzhen didn’t see what was wrong,But from Li Na’s nervous look,Xia Jian thinks things are still a bit troublesome。
308The door of the private room is tightly closed,There are stage lights flashing inside,Li Na pushed it away,Strode in,Xia Jian chased afterwards。
Once in,Xia Jian was a little dumbfounded,Four or five very revealing girls bow their heads,There are two men standing beside,Xia Jian can tell from the uniform,They should be the manager here,On the coffee table,Full of beer bottles,on the sofa,Sitting for four or five young people with strange haircuts。
When Li Na turned the lights to the brightest,Xia Jian found,In these four people,In the middle are Gao Wei and Lu Monkey,He is a fleeting disadvantage,It’s like this everywhere,If you don’t run into enemies,Xia Jian’s heart fell to the bottom。
“Oh!It turned out to be Boss Gao,What brought you here?Serve wine“Li Na haha walked over。
Gao Wei is holding a thick cigar,Waved his hand and said:“No need to drink, boss Li,Your wine is not good,But you woman,Do not touch anywhere,One hundred more,Is it too bullying?“
Li Na,Shouted at a long, better looking woman:“Is that right?“
“Not the boss,Not like he said,We were almost touched by them,He still wants to be here…“This woman just got here,Li Na slapped me in the face,Hit hard,Slap,Heard in the whole room。
“You all get out“Li Na shouted,These women dare not say a word,Head down and file out。