Gu Tianle published an article in memory of Huang Yi, the writer of “Xin Qin Ji”, his spirit has been in his heart
Sauna Night News On April 8, Gu Tianle posted on social media to commemorate Huang Yi, a famous Hong Kong martial arts writer. He imitated, “Time flies, and the teacher Huang Yi, whom I respect very much, has left in three years.However, his spirit has been injected into the work and will remain in everyone’s hearts. I believe that every reader who likes a teacher will always miss him like me.”Huang Yi” On April 5, 2017, Hong Kong’s famous martial arts writer Huang Yi was admitted to the hospital due to a stroke and died of illness on the same day at the age of 65.Huang Yi began writing in the 1990s, and his unique style of work swept Hong Kong and Taiwan.In 1991, Huang Yi Publishing Co., Ltd. was established and published many of its famous works, including “Xin Qin Ji”, “Datang Shuanglong Ji” and “Covering the Rain and Clouds”. These three works have also been remade by TVB in successionPraise.”Xin Qin Ji” stills is the Taiqing drama of the 34th anniversary of the establishment of TVB in 2001. “Xun Qin Ji” is also the last TV drama filmed by Gu Tianle on TVB.As the originator of the history-traveling novel, the theater tells the story of the 21st century Hong Kong policeman Xiang Shaolong (Gu Tianle), who traveled back to the Warring States period in search of Qin Shihuang.Gu Tianle had been hospitalized for seven days due to overwork when he was filming the drama, and he was seriously ill after the filming.For Gu Tianle, “Xin Qin Ji” is another important turning point in his career after the 95th edition of “The Condor Heroes.”My favorite actor award.Sauna Night Editor Wu Dongni proofreading Lu Qian