Gasol Jr. makes history and wins consecutive NBA and World Cup titles in one year
The final score defeated Argentina, the Spanish men’s basketball team won the second World Cup trophy in team history.For 34-year-old Mark Gasol, this championship has multiple meanings.Gasol Jr. restricted Scola’s play today.13 years ago in the 2006 World Championships, 21-year-old Marc Gasol was not the absolute main force of the Spanish team, averaging 4 contributions per game.8 points, 2.1 rebound.Thirteen years later, Gasol Jr. and Rudy Fernandez became the oldest players on the team. The two veterans and Rubio, Hernan Gomez brothers and other teammates once again reached the top of the world.Three months ago, Gasol Jr. helped the Raptors to win the team’s first NBA championship. At the end of his career, he won the dream championship, and with his brother Paul Gasol, he became the first pair of championship brothers in the NBA.In this World Cup, the Gasol brothers had the opportunity to fight together, but Paul Gasol was absent due to injury, and Gasol Jr. became the Spanish team’s pin.From the group stage to the semi-finals, from the quarter-finals, semi-finals to the finals, the Spanish men’s basketball team won 8 games, defeating Serbia, champions, Argentina and other strong teams, and finally stood on the highest podium.Gasol also became the first player to win both the NBA championship and the World Cup title within one year after Odom of the US team in 2010.Next year ‘s Tokyo Olympics, the Spanish men ‘s basketball team will participate as the World Cup champion. It ‘s no surprise that Marc Gasol and Paul Gasol will appear on the Olympics together. The Gasol brothers will lead with other teammates.The “Bullfighter Legion” once again launched an impact on the highest podium in the Olympic Games.