Why do yoga exercises take a break among experts

Scholars who have practiced yoga know that during the practice process, the coach will give everyone a rest session after each action is done. Some textbooks do not understand why you should pay attention to the rest during yoga practice, especially for beginners.I want to practice a lot of exercise to relieve the soreness, and often practice several actions at one breath-because I don’t understand the necessity of rest, I think it is a waste of time.

In fact, this kind of thought is wrong bit rate. It is very important to know how to relax after a pose. This is because first, only when you relax your body after completing a pose can you feel the effect of the previous pose:After doing the action of unblocking the meridians of the arm, relax your whole body, especially feeling the flow of blood in the arm, which flows to the tip of each of your fingers-to promote blood circulation in the nerve endings of the arm, your hands are warm and ruddy .Relaxing the whole body after completing one posture is to make the next posture better stretch your body. So when practicing yoga, each posture can reach its own ability, stay for a while (to stimulate the effect of this part) and then slow down.Slowly return to the original position.

Relax your body and close your eyes.

Then move on to the next posture . so we should all pay attention to the rest of the practice, do not think that wasting time is a blind move, affect the practice effect, or even counterproductive.