Step by step OL fast anti-aging

OL’s time is quite tense. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I am ready to go out to fight.

Go home at night, and quickly sort out tomorrow’s information.

However, OL is always glorious, especially when you find that you have mastered a set of fast anti-aging good habits .

hzh {display: none; }  好,下面我们就开始了,首先,是当你还没有起床,准备回笼一下美容觉的时候:  1 仰睡睡出芙蓉面  很多人觉得仰睡不舒服,但是其实仰Sleep can reduce wrinkles on the face.

The so-called supine sleep is to lie flat and sleep, which is the biggest sleeping aspect of the world.

This sleeping position not only relaxes the whole body muscles, but also reduces the wrinkles on the face.

Therefore, for women, proper supine sleep can prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles and resist aging.

  When I get up, I still feel dizzy. Sit at the table: 2 When holding the face and turning the ugly female cheek, the squeeze of the palm on the face will cause the skin to pull, and it is easy to appear wrinkles.

The most terrible thing is that once this action causes wrinkles, it can be permanent, leading to fine lines and fine lines caused by dry skin.

In other words, such expensive skin care products are difficult to eliminate easily.

  After sitting for a while, it seems that the vision is still a bit unclear: 3 Rubbing the eyes and rubbing a large flower face The root cause of the fine lines on the eyes is still dry, lack of water, the skin around the eyes is too thin, the protective ability is weak, the water is easy to evaporate, and it is more surface areaWrinkles easily occur locally.

There are also many reasons that are caused by yourself. Because many fine lines are expression lines, you must take care of your hands. Do not rub your eyes vigorously, do not squint or look at things hard.

At this time, choose refreshing and moisturizing care eye drops, which can quickly change our bright eyes!

  Have a drink and be awake. Coffee should be good: 4 If you drink more coffee, you will drink more coffee, which will increase the dullness of your face, and make you younger than the “black-yellow” ranks.Choose cocoa!

  Studies have found that the flavanols in cocoa powder can help improve women’s skin, increase the amount, reduce skin unevenness, and help protect the skin from UV damage.

  Sober, it ‘s time to wash your face: 5Washing your face Washing your face Wrinkled human skin has dirt, sebum, sweat, and residual skin care products every day, so washing your face is necessary, but things must be reversed. Excessive face washing not only protects the skin, but alsoWill hurt the skin.

The skin is also undergoing constant metabolism and has a certain self-cleansing function. Because sweat and sebum form a weakly acidic lipid film on the surface of the skin, it looks shiny.

If you rub hard and continue washing, it will damage normal epidermal cells and easily lead to the formation of wrinkles.

  What’s for breakfast?

McDonald’s, it’s convenient.

  6 Breakfast decides that your beautiful and ugly fried breakfast will replace your day’s diet plan.

At the same time, the retina will stimulate your stomach, increase the fat in your body, and stimulate the increase in cholesterol.

Breakfast needs nutrition, and I also need a reasonable mix. Bean products, such as soy milk, will help us whiten our face and slow down aging.

At the same time, with some vegetables and supplementing vitamin content, our good spirit of the day is reflected in breakfast.

  Research from Tulane University in the United States found that vitamin C can increase collagen synthesis, prevent long-wave and medium-wave ultraviolet damage to the skin, eliminate pigmentation, and improve skin diseases.

  It’s time to take care of the skin. Morning care is very important!

  7 Make-up must not pull the eyeliner or wear contact lenses the most apt to pull the eyelids, followed by the wrong method of applying eye cream.

In any case, try to avoid pulling the skin around the eyes, otherwise wrinkles will find you!

Apply your ring finger when applying eye cream, as it is the finger with the least strength.

The trick is to gently press down to help absorb, rather than apply left and right.