Swimming to build your body shape

The energy dissipated during exercise is constantly replenished by the body’s sugar and aunt, so regular swimming will gradually dissipate the excess aunt in the body, and promote muscle development.

  In Japan, there is a “swimming hospital” that specializes in helping people with chronic diseases to recover as quickly as possible.

The people who have been “treated” here have completely removed physical and psychological diseases, and have shaped a fit body, and everyone becomes happy.

Many pregnant women undergo swimming “treatments”, and their delivery time is 28% higher than that of Yintong pregnant women, and the labor process has changed by 50%. Some people with abnormal fetal position have been naturally corrected.

  Why can swimming shape a person’s beautiful body and bring health and happiness?

  We know that water is more than 800 times more resistant than air.

When people swim, people with disabilities paddle, kick with their legs or cross-fetch, and even the whole body muscles of the neck, chest, back, waist, hips and other hips participate in coordinated movement.

According to the law that the speed of fluid mechanics is proportional to the square of stress, if the speed of the human body in water increases twice, the obstacle will increase 4 times. This is the problem. The faster the swimming speed, the better it can be overcome, and the more it can stimulate the cerebral cortex and reflectivity.To mobilize more muscle groups, the whole body muscles in the body have been uniformly trained, especially the pectoralis major, deltoid, triceps and gluteal muscles of the upper body.

At the same time, swimming is a gradual exercise method. Tension and relaxation are replaced with each other in a rhythmic manner. Often before this, muscles will become soft, tough and elastic.

  When the human body floats in the water, the joints and spine of the limbs will not be subject to physical hard impacts from the surroundings during the exercise, will not cause any harm to the body, and will help exercise the volume and flexibility of the skeletal system, and better promoteBone development.

  Water density and heat transfer performance are greater than air, so it consumes more energy than other sports. Experiments show that the volume dissipated by staying in 12-degree water for 4 minutes is equivalent to one hour on land at the same temperature.Dissipated energy.

It can be seen that at the same time and intensity, the heat dissipation in water is much larger than that on land.

The energy dissipated during exercise is constantly replenished by the body’s sugar and aunt, so regular swimming will gradually dissipate the excess aunt in the body, and promote muscle development.

Fat people insist on swimming for about half an hour every day, and they can quickly reach the dual effects of weight loss and bodybuilding, while those of thin body type who stick to swimming will increase appetite, improve digestion and absorption, and gradually become fuller and stronger.

  Because the water temperature in swimming or rivers and lakes exceeds the land, it has a direct effect on improving the blood circulation of the human body, increasing the nutritional supply of subcutaneous tissues, and promoting the secretion of sebaceous glands, thereby improving the body’s disease resistance and immunity.

At the same time, the flow of water also has a good massage effect on the skin, making the skin more elastic and shiny.

Children often swim and prevent calcification, which can effectively prevent rickets and osteomalacia.

Swimming is very effective in adjuvant treatment of chronic diseases. Because the chest and abdomen are under water pressure, the respiratory muscles are passively exercised, which is beneficial to the rehabilitation of patients with bronchitis and emphysema.

Swimming also has a good regulatory effect on the central nervous system, and for people with forgetfulness, insomnia, depression and nervous breakdown, it can quickly eliminate symptoms.

For the elderly, it is one of the best ways to improve cardiopulmonary function and cerebral blood vessel microcirculation, and delay aging.