On August 27, Hujiacun, Zhou Fang Town, Guixi City, the reporter saw Hu Feihui, who was returned from the Foreign Hospital, soon.

Last summer, he examined a series of changes in lung cancer and suffering from fathers, mothers, and their wife.

In July this year, Yingtan City poverty monitoring help platform officially launched.

According to the big data analysis, the platform found Hu Feihui high-income medical expenses, immediately issued an early warning, and pushed the early warning information to the local cadres. Zhou Fang Town Rural Revitalization Workstation Station Chang Lai Wenhui learned that the village cadres went to verify and confirmed in accordance with relevant procedures. Lai Wenhui told reporters that Hu Fawhui was identified as the edge of easily poverty, and his local low-conditioned enjoyment was rapid to 515 yuan from each person 240 yuan.

Despite the cancer, Hu Fan is not killed by the disease.

The reporter was optimistic and positive: "The government can give the policy, I can do it is to fight the disease. Wang Rongzhong, the head of the village revitalization Bureau of Yingtan City, told reporters, Yingtan City is fully relying on the previous development of" one house one On the basis of the code, further expand the provincial poverty dynamic monitoring system function, innovation has developed the poverty monitoring and support platform of Yingtan City, and constructs "gridized discovery, linkage warning, listing verification, high-efficiency identification, precision "Gang, intelligent management" is the main content of the dynamic monitoring help system, and built a "poor embankment" for the people. It realizes the poverty alleviation and unstable households, the edge is easy to poor, and due to accidents Surrounded by large orientation of rigid expenditures, the revenue has caused a serious difficulty in the basic life. The early discovery of "three types of people", early intervention, early help, realize the detection of the monitoring object, warning, helping, and exiting the intelligence of the whole process Management.

In order to achieve early discovery of "three types of people", early intervention, early help, in addition to the villagers independently declared, Yingtan City also divided the city’s administrative villages to 2405 mesh points, arrange 2144 village cadres as a network The family, the exploration, and "touch the row without a house, and check the people".

The relevant staff of Guixi Rural Revitalization Bureau said that there will be a willingness to arrange public welfare positions in the "three types of people". On this basis, Yingtan fully exerts the role of poverty and poverty monitoring, with district (city) as a unit, organizing medical insurance, health, civil affairs and other more than ten industry departments, regularly regularly pore the city’s poverty monitoring Warning information, by setting the red-yellow green three-level warning line, realize the rural low-income population to the poor risk normally. As of the end of August, the relevant industry departments pushed more than 20,000 warning information. The city was included in the "three types of people" 852 households, including the new "three types of people" from 290 people through the city’s poverty monitoring and support platform.

At the same time, the city is based on the principle of "what is much given", the city adopts "single-handed drug" style, due to people’s policy, listed helpers, to implement help responsibility, and carry out targeted help. (Reporter Zhonghaihua) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.