10 stupid things you should never do before marriage

Perhaps the most scarce thing in the world is really the medicine of regret. Whenever we search for a long time to find food, we find a person who is worthy of life, but when the displacement of the event occurs, we will find that this or that is not satisfactory.

I knew in my heart that “I don’t listen to the old man, and I suffer,” but I still have no complaints. “I don’t hit the south wall and don’t look back!”

“It’s been almost five years since I got married. When I think about my mother’s advice when I’m engaged with my husband, I understand the old man’s hard work.

The following rules are for the reference of sisters who are in love!

  First commandment: Don’t let your in-laws meet early.

  I thought that when the parents of both sides met, it was a good thing for them to walk a little bit. In fact, this is a big mistake. After getting familiar with each other, they will gradually have misunderstandings due to different living habits. More serious people will see it.Who is not used to it, the last thing you can do is yourself.

The best thing is that it’s time to get married. The two parties will meet again in-house, and it’s best to stay in a friendly state!

It’s best to see less after marriage!

As the saying goes: “Distance produces beauty!

“Second commandment: Don’t develop a shopping preference for your future mother-in-law’s family. You ca n’t love to buy things for your mother-in-law’s father during the pre-marriage festival, but you do n’t have to ask your husband to do so.

In the long run, the husband will gradually be used to thinking that it is normal for his mother and his father to buy things, forming the concept that girls should be dominated by their parents when they marry.

I suggest that when you buy something on the holiday, you and your family share one.

  The third commandment: Do n’t take over the housework of your husband ‘s family before marriage. Do n’t take the initiative to cook, do laundry, wash clothes for your husband, etc. Before you get married, keep a certain degree of restraint, otherwise your mother-in-law will think you care about her son, Or you care about their family!

Do it properly, but don’t get too involved!

  The fourth commandment: Don’t talk too much about your mother’s family at your mother-in-law. If you have no intention of listening, don’t talk to your mother-in-law about your mother’s family. If you feel bored, talk about TV dramas and current affairs.

The less you know about your own family, the better!

Especially sisters and brothers, who parents bought a house for, who bought a car and so on!

In the future, when you buy a house, a car, etc., your mother-in-law will pay attention to whether you have received funding from your family!

  Fifth commandment: You don’t have to meet your in-laws too early to think you’re good to see each other again.

After you have seen it, don’t stay at your in-laws all day long, otherwise they will feel that you care too much about their son’s relationship, and the girl should hold it when she should hold it.

  The Sixth Commandment: Never go to the in-law’s place prematurely before marriage. The reason is the same as the third commandment.

  The seventh commandment: Is there any reason for my husband’s family to have sex before marriage?

Let my in-laws look down!

Catch up with a busy mother-in-law, you are dead!

  The eighth commandment: go to the in-laws’ house for the Chinese New Year!

  After marriage, there is time. Now I should spend more time with my parents!

The reason is the same as the third commandment!

  Ninth Commandment: Learn to say “No!

“When your mother-in-law is rude to you or your family in words or behaviors, or to make unreasonable requests, stop them promptly and politely, and refuse!

Don’t just tolerate and avoid.

Do you understand what is worse?

Of course you have to be civilized and polite!

Stay ladylike!

No humility!

  Tenth commandment: Spending too much money on your husband’s family before marriage. What you want to spend is a long day. Once you give it, how about it later?

For example: This time, my uncle has no money to go to college. You sponsor a thousand or eight hundred. Next time, my aunt also has something. If you give less, you will be troubled.

So it is best to keep developing at a constant speed!