Is Li Hui, knowing that Di Hall is going to happen tonight.?
Think about it,Nie Yang hurriedly took people to the Di Hall。
Bar,He feels that there is no problem.。
Eleven in the night,It is the most popular in Di Hall.。
But Nie Yang did not have a good business.,Because he always remembers that Li Hui Feng said.。
Just when he thought that he did not even occur tonight.,But I suddenly found someone in trouble.。
And more than one person。
moment,He understands,It’s still coming.。
“Man,Take guy to give me。”
“How many of you will maintain good order,Take it directly to me.。”
Soon Nie Yang, take people to bring people a few people from the trouble.。
“Talk,Why do you have to make trouble??”
Nie Yang looked at the crowbar of several people.,No fear。
“There is something inside you give.,We have to return money。”
“hehe,That’s this?”
“How much do you want to take??”
In the face of Nie Yang,Other person stunned。
He didn’t think that Nie Yang will talk so much.,According to the reason, the other party should be straightforward.。
“Ten thousand,Less 10,000,Didn’t discuss this today。”
10,000 is not a bit less?
Do you want me to add a point?,How to get 100,000?”
Nie Yang said this,Directly to the surrounding brothers:“Play out,Let these small children with long point,Ten thousand pieces are considered hospitalization.。”
Listen to Nie Yang,A few young people are also stunned.,Immediately。
But the double box is difficult to,What’s more, Nie Yang is directly with a group of people.。
Soon a voice of screaming,Then I was thrown into the car。
The driver is also mixed with Nie Yang.,He is more familiar with such means.。
Looking at a few people screaming on the car,The other party also put the car to the hospital door directly to the door, no matter what,Raise。
As for the van, it is directly to find a garbage.,After all, there are thousands of pieces to buy this.。
“Boss,Handled well,Everyone has to say less than half a year to walk。”
“Um,No people found?”
“no,After all, do this we are not two days a day.,I am familiar with it.。”
“Row,Do one’s good,Looking for me to get money tomorrow。”
Nie Yang’s words make a few people.。
“Boss,What is your life??”
“Yup,Boss,Gold Boss is not said that only payment is not”When I said this,The other party saw that Nie Yang’s eyes were not good.,Directly。
“Humph,Golden boss is gold boss,I am me,If you want to listen,I don’t listen to me.?”