Li Tianzhi understood afterwards,His last resort,In fact, it became part of Uncle Geng’s plan by mistake.,Otherwise, the urine sex of Peng Weihua and others,How can you draw a knife so selflessly to help?Wu Tianbao’s life,Triggered a bloody storm of gangsters,The manipulator behind is undoubtedly Zhang Zhiqiang,And the one who wants to take this opportunity to dig out Zhang Zhiqiang should be the instructor。
Did you enter Liuyun View earlier?,All this will change?Or take a step back,If you never enter the Liuyun view,What will happen again?Will there be a second chaotic time and space??Li Tianzhen doesn’t know the answer,But if you want to restore things to what they are,Only to find the driving force behind the development,It may have some connection with the common ground of Zhangjia or Ziyuan,Maybe not,Where to start?
The Butterfly Effect,Li Tianzhen did not think of this law by accident,If artificially make this chaotic time and space more chaotic,Will the latter reveal some clues??
This space makes the bugs die,Completely different from the fate of bed bugs in the world five years later,The instigators were Xie Fushun’s brothers,of course,Whether it is Xie Fushun’s boss Zhang Zhiqiang,Still Biao Qi、Mahjong、Ahuo、Uncle Geng,Even Li Tianyu himself is responsible for the death of the bug,Then,Let him be the atonement,Or more accurately the spoiler,Completely cut off the logic of subsequent development,Destroy Zhang Family and Zhang Zhiqiang。
Unfortunately,In two time and space,The fate of bed bugs is different,But the ending is not good,at this point,Li Tianzhen is unable to change,He couldn’t find the earlier、Logical node similar to Liuyunguan。
‘Big die’Hiding in a relative’s house as an otaku,The days passed are like years,distance‘Kangyi Chess and Cards Room’It’s been a month since the Rush,If you find someone to bring before the boss,The cat should be fine for a while,As long as Hao Dapeng is fine,Everyone is fine。
In fact, he himself thinks nothing is wrong,Boss hide,He had to hide,But my heart is so angry,Wu Tianbao was tied up by him,But not murdered,He just wants debt,Hao Dapeng was the murderer,The police are looking for Hao Dapeng all over the world,not him‘Big die’。
Do you want to do business??Nima’s,I took so many IOUs,Also lost hundreds of thousands,How can I swallow this breath?His little brother has checked clearly,Yuxing Motor Company is doing this,He can’t afford,But the boss has a way,But it was Wu Tianbao’s younger brother Wu Tianxing who brought this group of people,These little guys can make noise,One of them named Li Tianzhen also participated in the hands-on,I’m sorry,Don’t even think about running one by one。
For the level of Biao Qi,‘Big die’Is the little brother of the little brothers,He was with Xie Fushun,But in the village in the city,‘Big die’But it’s elder brother,Even in this area for so many years‘Fire brother’I was polite to meet him,Don’t take care of these little guys too easily,But how to get the loss back is a headache,These little kids are poor,No amount of kidnapping can squeeze oil,Get angry!
It doesn’t matter if you get angry,Killed,‘Big die’Only then did I realize that a disaster,I’m wondering if I want to run like Xie Dapeng,News comes from my trusted brother,Spend money on errands‘Chicken butt’Got caught,It seems that the rotten boy in the detention center cannot bear to confess‘Chicken butt’。
‘Big die’Knowing I can’t stay anymore,In fact, the moment the news came,He knew there would be such a day,No matter how reluctant, I must pack my things and prepare to leave overnight。
Slipped out of the backyard door of a relative’s house,Night black and high wind,Fortunately, it’s quiet,Nothing unusual,‘Big die’I sniffed the city,I don’t know when I can come back again,Sighed,Walk away。
by the road,He suddenly saw a young man,It seems to have been standing there for a long time,This person just blocked his forward direction dumbly,Late at night,Strangely scary。Since it’s a runaway,‘Big die’Try not to cause trouble,Turn one’s feet,Decided to take a detour。
But I didn’t expect that young man deliberately found fault,Also move,Still in front of him。