6 tricks for Korean beauty charm

Although Korean beauties are mostly “beauties under the knife”, their charm is unstoppable. They may not have the personality as Hollywood stars and the charm of Japanese actresses, but Korean beauties have their own “sunflower collection”: even if it is not beautifulIf Tianxian, even a meat nose, can still become a hot top actress, tricks, naturally disdain to use Hong Kong Star’s “detachable” or even domestic actress “Mei faction”, simple six strokes, fractureSmile proudly.

  Trick one: White skin representative: Cui Zhiyou does not know if he has appeared in “Winter Love Songs”, Cui Zhiyou always gives people the impression of being white and snowy.

Snow is the most challenging place for women’s skin. Under the contrast of white snow, skin flaws are enlarged, enlarged and enlarged, and even concealers are useless.

After such a test, Cui Zhiyou’s perfect skin is beyond doubt.

  Trick two: A beautiful long-haired representative: Quan Zhixian is a model of difference in beauty in “The Savage Girlfriend” by Quan Zhixian.

The flowing hair was her savage capital.

No matter how she arbitrarily puts her hands on her hips and punches, the flying long hair will always resolve the fierce feeling.

  Trick 3: Create a representative personality of intellectual temperament: Li Yingai’s intellectual beauty Li Yingai’s facial features are not outstanding, but they can melt the iceberg together. The trick is the intellectual temperament that she deliberately built for herself. That implicit elegance makes Earth peopleAll fascinated by it.

  Trick 4: Watery Eyes Representative: Kim Hee Sun has reviewed antique Korean stars on a website, and was elected as the “Korea’s No. 1 Beauty” with a vote rate close to 30%. He is the dream lover of countless men.His face is impeccable, especially those big watery eyes, who will be impressed by anyone who looks at them.

It’s no wonder that often, Korea ‘s first-class cosmetology of high blood pressure, Jin Xishan ‘s jade photos are always used to realize the seductive magic weapon.

  Trick 5: Slightly upturned sensual lips Representative: Zhao Yunxi Zhao Yunxi, who has a digital camera with a fast-moving advertisement, cannot be regarded as a typical beauty, but her advertising photos are never tiresome, thanks to her small size and fullnessHis lips, slightly upturned, provoked an unprecedented kiss.

  Trick number six: Representatives of the perfect face: Song Huiqiao and Han Enzhen are the top five in terms of the transformation of the face. Women like round faces that are indisputable in the world, and men like charming long faces.

The director of “Full House” really picks actors. The two originals in the play, Song Huiqiao and Han Enzhen, are the representatives of the two faces.