Born in July 1964, in September 1982, the Party Member of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Xi’an Political Academy of Full-time Master.

He has served as Director, Director, Director, Deputy Director of the Political Department of the General Department of the Chengdu Military Region, Deputy Director of the Political Department of the Lianyi Department of Chengdu Military Region, and the Political Committee of the Lianzang Station of the Chengdu Military Region.

  Comrade Qi Fengzhu has long been engaged in publicity and education and theoretical research in military regions, and has been rated as "the excellent author of the" War of Military Camp ".

  His style is deeply solid, the theoretical skill is deep, and the ability is comprehensive. It has been published more than 40 papers in the national core journal. 160 works in the military and foreign news media. It is more than 220 events to the military officers and soldiers. 17 items, organized and summarized 17The research results of political work are promoted in the military region.