Tie Tiecheng listened to the small eyes,He looked at the eyes of the beautiful and smiling eyes.,Determine Song Xiaofan,Laugh:“Uh huh……Hahaha……is not it!Six brother!It turns out that Xiaojiu is our nine brother.!Hahaha……Today, go back and celebrate it.!So happy!”
Song Qi is also very happy,Some Su Wenqian is somewhat,Killing God is not Li Xuan Huan?,How is it ritual?,Nine brother,Anything else,Happy brother is really strong,If you have to die today, how many women and children are,It’s the same as Zheng Yao, I’m not going to cause innocent Su Wenqian.。
Rui is personally,The result of the last suspicious person,He has some urgent and ruined:“how is this possible,This hotel is only entitled to people,How did these killers come in and how to leave?。”
“Long pool,This is also what I want to know.。”Wine Yi Yuxi is now mentioned in the eyes,She is too clear how Watanaba Taro is touched.,It’s now in my head.。
“I will check it again.。”Qi Rui said directly on the second floor.,Wine Yi Yibei makes the bamboo clouds follow,
Check to check to check the second floor toilet,Rui Rui pushed the door and looked at the eyes of the eyes,Then walk into the toilet,And the bamboo clouds are covered with nose outside, etc.。
Rui Rui went to the window before:“stupid!It turned out that it came in here.!”
“Dowager, do you say something??”Zhunexin asked,
“Bamboo,come here!”
Bamboo, the clouds were found before the window, found that the anti-theft window has three iron bars to be sawd.,Ritual:“But when we just came, this window is still good.,I have seen everything here before I came in.。”
Zhunexin is really not paying attention,Because she pushes the attention of the door, I am in a long time, a sighful part.。
“That is to say, then killed the iron rod after leaving.?”
“definitely is,Because I check, the security window is absolutely good.。”Qi Rui said that it is touched the touch.:“Be right,Just saw,Is this very hidden outside??We have the guards outside.。”
“Long pool,I look at it.!”
“I will go with you!”
The two came outside to discover the body of two soldiers here.,Rui Rui surveared the scene:“Bamboo,They are definitely a professional killer,The neck of these two soldiers is directly twisted.。”
“It’s really negligent.!”The annoyed of Zhunee Yunzi,
“Go back to the long report with the wine well!”
I know that the killer is from the second floor toilet window to enter the hotel,Wine Yi Yibei is expected to have a difficult to escape this time,For a long time:“Long pool,I should listen to you.!If you insist that the officers leave the hotel well?!I am a stupid.!”
“Wine long,Don’t go, they,This time isn’t your fault,I will testify for you.。”
“Long pool,This time I seem to be guilty.,I know that I will let you be responsible for this security work.。”
“Wine long,Let me come to do better than you.,These killers can’t stop at all,Therefore, the long-term long-term class leader is blamed.,I will write clear on the report.!”
“Long pool!If the US Huizi can escape a robbery,Pay a thank you!”
Wine Yi Yibei is nervous at this moment.,Because soon Matsuma Zhiong will arrive,She really doesn’t know how to explain everything that happens here.。
NS174chapter The return of the high school may be more beneficial
What is the afraid of wine well?,Matsuma Zhixiong is gloomy face into the lobby,The third floor explosion is not a great impact on the first floor hall.。
“Wine long!Don’t you explain it with me??”Matsuma Zhi Xiong asked,
“General!This is my negligence,Below will be willing to accept any penalties。”Wine Yi Yizi knows that the debate will only make yourself punish,
Rui Rui reported on the side:“General!This responsibility is not in the wine well,Saorful that her security work has been very meticulous.!”
“You are a long spring Jun?”Matsuma Zhiong is also the first time I saw this legendary master master.,
“Good general!Under the subordinate!”
“Long pool,I heard that you can first find the first floor hall bomb.?”