“happy!Your kid is still a man,I ask you,Did my brother just die in vain??“Wang Wujin said,There was a fierce light in the eyes,It seems that Wang Liujin was really killed by Xia Jian。
Xia Jian shook his head,Patience said:“Your brother’s death,Has nothing to do with me,I believe you know this too,But i don’t understand,Why do you have to impose this charge on me,You have to believe,There is still truth in this world“
“Shit truth,I only know that my brother is dead,Died in the dispute of your interests,This matter has something to do with you,If it weren’t for you to tease him every time,He would not provide false information to others,Let him break his promise,Become an abandoned child“Wang Wujin word by word,Xia Jian was frightened。
Xia Jian stood up,Took a breath,Smile,Try to calm yourself down,He lowered his voice and said:“Wang Wujin,Don’t treat your brother like a spy,If you have evidence of this,Why not tell the police,Now it is a legal society“
“Shit,Don’t tell me these things,One sentence,You want life,Just give me two hundred thousand,Otherwise you don’t want to get out of here“Wang Wujin roars like thunder,Drew a pistol from under the clothes。
Looking at the dark barrel,It’s a lie to say you are not afraid,Xia Jian sat back slowly,he knows,Wang Wujin at this time can never provoke him,Otherwise he moved his finger,He really went after Zhou Li。
“Yo!Is it good?Bring a gun here“Xia Jian said with a deliberate smile。
Wang Wujin took the gun back now,Said with a serious face:“Do not talk nonsense,Call now,People come to give money“
“I advise you not to do this,Although we are not on the same road,But after all, there have been several fate,I wonder if you thought about it,Even if I send people 200,000,Can you really take it?Just figured out here,You can still run out of China?You are extortion,The sentence is not light“Xia Jian persuaded softly。
Wang Wujin smiled and said:“late,You said these are useless,My brother works for Liu Qiang,Just this morning,I have pushed this guy into the Donghe Reservoir,Maybe he is drinking with Dragon King right now,You don’t want to chase after!“
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but numb the scalp,He didn’t expect this Wang Wujin to embark on such a road of no return,Whose fault is this anyway?
“You kid,People are not bad,Just the brain is too dead,Since you think about your group like this,Then I won’t bother to speak,Get you on the road early,Reincarnate sooner!“Wang Wujin, who lost his patience, said,Took out the gun pinned to his waist,From another pocket,Took out a half-length tube and put it on the muzzle。
Xia Jian suddenly understood,This is the silencer,He saw it in the movie,did not expect,This Wang Wujin will use this。How to do,Desperately Bo?Or call him quickly?Xia Jian’s mind was spinning fast。
Wang Wujin raised the muzzle,Aimed at Xia Jian。
“OK OK!Don’t scare me,I will call you right away,Get money over“Xia Jian said,I went to grab my phone。
Wang Wujin shook his head and said:“Your kid is too good at grinding,There is a problem with time,It seems I can’t take the money,I’ll take you away!“
at this time,Just hear a click,The lock on the door opened the door and fell off,Then a dark thing flew towards Wang Wujin。
Life-saving is everyone’s first reflection,Although Wang Wujin is a desperado,But he is no exception,Body flash,Raise the gun and fire twice at the door,Tweeted!The bullet hit the marble floor,There was a dazzling spark。
Just at this time,Xia Jian is not idle either,The moment he used the king’s five pounds to deal with the door,Overturned the table,Squat down,Fuck a chair with your right hand,Estimated the general direction,Smashed it hard。