The image of Wu Hua is really too different from what he imagined,Chen Xiu is not calm。
Got Zhu Huiwei’s affirmative answer,Chen Xiu added the image of the Thai monster queen to Baihu,Can’t help but another chill。
“what,It seems something is wrong。”
I saw Wu Hua, who had been chasing Zhang Haibao, suddenly turned around and wanted to return.。
“what happened,Just a few hundred meters away from the river,Why didn’t he chase?”
“how could I know!”Zhu Huiwei spread his hands and said。
Obviously Zhang Haibao can’t figure out why Wu Hua didn’t chase herself,Also chase the past。
Wu Hua suddenly swung his axe in a roundabout,He cut at Zhang Haibao。
This is obviously by everyone’s surprise,Zhang Haibao can’t dodge,In desperation, he sacrificed a black iron flying knife and held it in his hand.。
The great axe slashed on the throwing knife,Zhang Haibao was shot out more than ten meters away,The flying knife was hit into the sky。
Chen Xiu dumbfounded,I looked at the sight in disbelief,He knows how powerful Zhang Haibao’s true energy blessed for hundreds of years!
But never expected,Zhang Haibao is like a child in front of Wu Hua,Is easily knocked off。
“Didn’t you say that Wu Hua didn’t understand the cultivation of true energy?”
“He doesn’t understand,You didn’t see that he was pure physical power!”