collected‘Seven Flame Armor’,Li Tianzhen’s body is half flesh and blood、Half-golden skeleton,Very scary appearance,He still returned to the forest on the other side of the river to recover、Rest。
‘Da Tian Luo Dao Fa’It seems to regenerate flesh and blood much faster than before,The root of everything lies in the formation rune on the golden bones,He can’t understand this rune,This also means that the alienation of bones is not caused by Li Xiucheng’s soul,This is very rare。
But right now I can’t figure it out carefully,Li Tianzhi actually received a message from the instructor,Five or six in a row,Looks very urgent,Wait until the flesh and blood reconstruction is completed,Yuanli also recovered seven or eight,He immediately set off northward。
Gu Changfeng’s task force is still in Gedian Town, Gyeongju,Although the MLM organization on the surface has been wiped out,,Town,And the villages affected by it are peaceful,But there are a lot of tails to deal with later,Eliminate the effects of、Dig deep into the umbrella behind the psychic sacred religion、Gather clues、Hand over procedures, etc.,Very cumbersome。
More than a dozen supernatural powers captured,Except for the two seriously injured,There is also a guy tied up by Li Tianzhen with two weird ropes,The rest became fools,Others don’t know,But Gu Changfeng、Mijia and Monk Zhai know,It was Li Tianzhen to prevent these supernatural powers from making chaos again,Shattered their gods with heavy techniques,Erased part of the soul,Make it a waste。
Li Tianzhen did this,Yufa、Yu Li seems a bit unreasonable,After all, lynching the suspect,But it’s all for your safety,Although six war puppets were left,His idea at the time was to deal with the counterattack of the Psionic Church,The force belonging to the bottom of the pressure box of the task force。
There is one more tricky thing,All the people in the task force whose memories have not been erased have kept a secret,Two supernatural powers were killed by war puppets that day,One of them was chopped alive by the puppet with an axe,Another one was shot dead in midair by the puppet’s magical arrow,Many people have witnessed this,After Li Tianzhi wiped out his memory on a large scale, he still left a loophole,Witnesses stabbed this out,This caused a storm。
Gu Changfeng really wants to cover this matter,But unexpectedly, the so-called witnesses were very cunning,Not showing up,But the story is quite complete,Submitted in paper throughout,Actually attached a photo full of blood,There is a tall and burly figure in the background,Carrying bright metal tools in his hand,Like an axe,It’s the war puppet who threw an axe。
Reporting materials have attracted great attention from relevant departments and old men,He rushed to Gyeongju in person。Actually before this,The old man has received the place**Report materials,Described Gu Changfeng’s task force as ugly,Arrogant、Exaggeration and abuse of power,Even bold,Dare to spread the place openly**Rumors,A vicious event that almost caused mass deaths and injuries。
The old man went into a rage when he arrived at the guest house,Close the door and scold Old Gu all afternoon,A group of people stood at the door,No one dare to go in,The final result left everyone stunned,Old Gu was suspended,And the task force stopped all work,Then there is the selection of competent personnel,Desperately arrest the reckless Li Tianzhi。
Everyone worked hard,risking one’s life,Actually got such a result,No one can figure it out,The instructor is especially hot this time,He endured it for half his life,I don’t want to endure anything this time,He can understand the pains of the old man,After a storm,Still want to protect Gu Changfeng,But things have been done,It will chill everyone’s heart。
And to put it bluntly,The old man’s understanding of alien invaders is still on the surface,Unlike the few people in the front line,Very clear about the crisis,In addition to actual combat,Li Tianzhen’s repeated introductions and publicity also played an important role,At least let everyone on the task team know,These alien invaders are no longer a case,There are already signs and trends endangering the entire human society。
Gu Changfeng didn’t do well on this point,At least not in place,For his convenience,Report to the old man,Unsystematic,Misjudgment,I thought many things were under control,In the end, a big problem。