“it is good!”Wang Youcai responded,Got up and went downstairs。
Xia Jian said to Wang Lijun:“Is such that,I think so many things happened,The fundamental reason is because of the child。I heard about it,You now take three children,This pressure is undoubtedly great。Moreover,One child,Not obedient”
“Your eldest kid heard that he has gone to school,The problem is with this daughter。I think you might as well let go,Let Song Fang take her daughter away”That’s it for Xia Jiangang,Wang Lijun stood up excitedly。
“What are you talking about?The child is five years old now,Now let Song Fang take,Where did she go early? Nothing to talk about”Wang Lijun was a little excited。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Lijun!Don’t get excited yet,sit down,Listen to me finish。Of course,You disagree,No one can do it。After all, the child is still in your home”
Wang Lijun sat down,Can’t help but take a breath and say:“I don’t want to say more when things are over。What’s wrong with Song Fang,How can you bring your children”
“look,Song Fang has a conflict with your family this time,Because the child was abused。We don’t care if this is true or not,The least thing is that my sister-in-law doesn’t like your daughter”Xia Jian asked tentatively。
Wang Lijun took a breath and said:“Girl is squeamish,Cry at every turn。My wife is tired after a day,I have to bring children when I come home。My mom is getting older,Many things can’t help。So my daughter becomes my wife’s punching bag when she commits a crime”
“So this kid can’t be put in your house at all。Regardless of raising her,Her biological father is only you, Wang Lijun。For the good of the children,Also for your family harmony,You just let go!Let Song Fang take her away,Can relieve your stress”
“This two,Children can have a good growth environment。Have a future,She can still see you。you need to know,Song Fang and Wang Youfa,There is no child yet。Your daughter went,Not as a baby”
That’s it for Xia Jian,No more words。Wang Lijun is a little tempted,He sits in a chair,Not say a word,Seems to be thinking about this question。
At this moment,Wang Youcai, who went out to buy tea, is back,He brought two packs of cigarettes,The other is a few cans of drinks。He laughed and said:“too late,Can’t buy tea anymore,Drink this refreshing!”
Wang Youcai said,Opened a bottle of drink and handed it to Wang Lijun’s hand。Things belong to things,After all, I haven’t seen each other for so many years。If it wasn’t for this matter,They should be happy when they see it。
Wang Youcai gave everyone a drink,Started smoking again。It’s midnight,Whoever sits gets sleepy。When a few cigarettes are lit。Wang Lijun took a hard breath and said:“I can promise you Xia Jian。But I have a condition”
“You speak!As long as it can be done,We will promise you”Xia Jian said happily。